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Design And Implementation Of Multimedia Teaching Platform In Colleges And Universities Under Cloud Computing Environment

Posted on:2018-01-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L Y HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2347330542960076Subject:Computer technology
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The use of multimedia organization teaching is the future development trend and direction of educational informationization,and educational informationization is the only way to realize digital campus and education modernization.At present,although the multimedia teaching platform of commercial colleges and universities is more perfect in function,Campus network multimedia teaching needs to optimize,there is unreasonable allocation of resources,can not reflect the characteristics of campus multimedia teaching and other issues.The emergence of cloud computing for colleges and universities to establish a network teaching platform,integration of teaching resources,to carry out digital campus construction to provide a new network environment and solutions.Firstly,this paper studies how to effectively introduce the virtualization technology of cloud computing into the multimedia teaching management system of colleges and universities,and designs the multimedia teaching platform system which meets the needs of colleges and universities in the cloud computing environment.Then,according to the current campus network of many colleges and universities only to provide resource file download,take up a lot of network bandwidth is not conducive to the full use of resources,put forward based on the forecast of teaching on demand resource dynamic scheduling model.In addition,the dynamic scheduling model based on forecasting resources is studied in detail.This strategy uses the virtualization technology in cloud computing,divides the computing ability in the multimedia teaching cluster into multiple virtual central processing units,constructs the resource request forecasting model,and carries on the teaching demand demand in the future for a certain period of time according to the current multimedia teaching situation prediction.After the test and analysis,the multimedia teaching platform makes full use of the dynamic adjustment ability of the virtual hardware resources through the virtualization technology of cloud computing and the dynamic scheduling strategy based on the forecasting resources.According to the actual multimedia teaching needs,the resources are allocated reasonably to the load balance,The full play of the purpose of resource utilization,scalability is better,stable performance,can significantly increase the focus on multimedia teaching content support resources.The design and development of the multimedia teaching platform in the university under the cloud computing environment,and put forward a new method for improving the performance of teaching on demand,which has certain theoretical value.The multimedia teaching platform can meet the needs of users in the main function,can be applied to the actual operating environment,multimedia teaching users can provide flexible services for teachers and students on-demand access to resource content,the dissemination of campus culture,build digital Campus and so provide a strong support,with a high practical value.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cloud Computing, Virtualization Technology, Resource Dynamic Scheduling Strategy Based On Prediction, System Development
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