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Study On The Integrative Development Of Sports Industry And Culture Industry In Hebei Province Based On System Power And Realization Mode

Posted on:2019-07-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330542961123Subject:Political economy
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In the 19 th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,Communist party of China put that the social contradictions changes between the people's growing material and cultural demand with backward productive forces into the people's growing demand for a better life with unbalanced,inadequate development.The pursuit of better life contains material pursuit,spiritual satisfaction and physical health.Sports plays an important role in promoting national health and national happiness,likes culture,is one of the effective ways to meet people's demand for better life.At present,the sports industry is known as the sunrise industry of 21 st century,contains a huge economic value,also good social benefit to society.The important role that cultural industry plays in promoting national quality and improving the structure of the national economy is a whole range of recognition.In such a big background,how to promote the sports industry and cultural industry in Hebei province to develop fast is worth to discuss."Convergence" has become an idea to solve this problem,so this article attempts to put forward some optimization strategies on the basis of the present conditions of Hebei province and the theoretical analysis.The main logic line of this article is analyzing firstly the general system dynamics and the main driving factors between the fusion development of the sports industry and the cultural industry.And then according to the main driving factors,the writer puts the general implementation pattern of integration development.Lastly put forward some optimization strategies on the basis of the present conditions of Hebei province and the theoretical analysis.This paper is divided into four parts.The first part introduces the background of the topic,defines the relevant concepts and sorts out the previous research.The second part analyzes the general system dynamics of the fusion development of the cultural industry and sports industry,respectively from the tension system,propulsion system,support system and resistance system,also system for power driver.The third part analyzes the present situation of sports industry,cultural industry and integration development in Hebei province,and expounds the current situation from the perspective of system dynamic analysis.The fourth part,aiming at the problem of the foreword,puts forward the optimization strategies of the integrated development of sports industry and cultural industry in Hebei province.
Keywords/Search Tags:Hebei Province, sports industry, cultural industry, industrial integration
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