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The Research Of Wechat Users' Forward

Posted on:2017-05-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330515963695Subject:Business Administration
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WeChat brought people the fire-new life-style and it surprised us with so fast development.According to Data Report of WeChat Users in 2005,up to the end of the first quarter,WeChat has covered more than 200 countries and more than 90% smartphones.The brand of WeChat Official Accounts exceeded 8,000,000 with 5.49 hundred million monthly active users.With more and more humanized design,more and more comprehensive function and the best practicability,WeChat entered into the every aspect of daily life of people unconsciously who have become the target-consumers of myriad companies at the same time.More and more companies hope to create the values,by using the WeChat,but the feature of privacy in WeChat limited the retransmission of information to some extent.Among all the methods which can be used to solve this problem,the writer thinks the most effective method is realizing the propaganda for the companies;by using the existing users retransmit the information form company's WeChat platform.As the new product in mobile internet industry,WeChat was created recently,so the scholars did make more rigorous scientific research for it.In the study,the writer added the two variables,the Perceived Risk and Perceived Value,under the framework of Technology Acceptance Model to study to retransmission behavior for the contents of Official Accounts made by the WeChat users.The research conclusions included the aspects as follows:The system quality of WeChat Official Accounts can be divided into three dimensionalities: the security,reliability and availability.The reliability and availability in the system all can influence the perceived usability and perceived serviceability which is form the users to the public number.Perceived risk of WeChat Official Accounts for the users can be divided into two dimensionalities: the privacy risk and social risks.The security of the system quality in WeChat Official Accounts can influence the perceptive privacy risk.The information quality in WeChat Official Accounts can be divided into three dimensionalities: veracity,authenticity and practicability.The veracity and practicability of the information will influence the perception serviceability to the public number in forward direction.For WeChat Official Accounts and the perceived usability,there are three different dimensionalities: three kinds of values,function,emotion and society.The perceived usability will influenced the sentimental value in forward direction and the perceptive serviceability will cause positive influence to the three different value dimensions which were mentioned in above.For the perceptive usability,perceptive serviceability,social risks and perceived value,all can influence the user's attitude to the WeChat public number,can influence the perception to three dimensions of social risks and perceived value and their attitudes will influence the retransmission will for the information which is form the WeChat public number.
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