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An Analysis Of The Influential Factors Of The Profitability Of China’s Life Insurance Companies Based On Structural Equation Model

Posted on:2017-01-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2349330488478313Subject:Industrial engineering
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During the Twelve Five, China’s life insurance premium income in 2010 by the 1.06 trillion to 1.62 trillion in 2015, life insurance companies reached 75. But our life insurance companies are still faced with the level of underdevelopment, low input and output, output per capita is not high, differentiation within the industry serious problems, restricting the development of a company’s profitability. Therefore, this article is intended to apply to identify problems, optimized and improved efficiency IE awareness of the key factors affecting the life insurance company’s profitability by empirical methods to explore mathematical and statistical modeling to enhance the life insurance company to further improve profitability.Firstly, through literature research and data analysis found that: Our life insurance company’s profit model is characterized by underwriting profit levels did not increase with the expansion of business scale, and less stable underwriting profit; Investment income scale life insurance company of the rapid growth of the life insurance company’s profitability greater impact. At present, China’s life insurance company’s profit model is more inclined to "investment income to offset underwriting losses" and "Haipai" theory. At the same time, the paper size and configuration, and the value of the angle of business strategy, the value of life insurance companies into scale, investment-driven, Silver Post shareholder type, value growth four categories.Secondly, on the basis of literature research, from the perspective of financial and non-financial factors affecting the profitability of life insurance companies to regulate analysis, and accordingly choose to measure profitability and relevant observable variables influencing factors. At the same time, based on the current of 31 life insurance companies operating data from 2005 to 2010 by factor analysis of primary indicator system for dimension reduction, build a life insurance company profitability factors Indicator System. According to this index system, using structural equation modeling empirical analysis, studies show that: asset management, solvency, profitability of products and services on a positive, accepting the null hypothesis; and human resources, business growth is negative impact on profitability, reject the Suppose that the company considered to be based on long profit cycle life insurance underwriting profit instability, poor cost control, business structure is irrational, inadequate human capital development and other causes.Finally, we propose: implementation of the "Internet + insurance", and promote product sales innovation; promote business restructuring, increased embedded value of the policy; strengthen the insurance of qualified personnel; optimizing asset management; improving the quality of service policy recommendations to enhance profitability.
Keywords/Search Tags:Life insurance company, Profitability, Factor analysis, Structural equation model
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