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Study Onthe Factor Influencing Farmers’financing Based On Structural Equation Model

Posted on:2018-07-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330536460028Subject:Applied statistics
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China is a large country with a large population and a large agricultural country.The farmers are still a group that can not be ignored.They are the foundation of national development and the material guarantee for urban development.Although the rapid development of economy,but the agricultural development has said of an aged person.Based on the plight of agricultural development and the current situation of farmers’ financing difficulties,this paper studies the financing situation and its influencing factors.Firstly,through the descriptive statistics of every index to understand the impact of farmers’ financing behavior,to understand China’s farmers tend mainly to banks or credit cooperatives formal financing channels;the main factors restricting farmers’ choice of bank or credit union formal financing is the interest rate high,complex process;Pro Peng folk financing main financing objects are brothers and sisters and friends.And then through the structural equation model to the basic situation,family labor,family income and expenditure,private financing environment,The development of farmers has encountered many practical problems,the low price of agricultural products,financing difficulties,the "three rural" issues are also increasingly prominent.the formal financing channels service level analysis,obtains the degree of perfection of banks or rural credit cooperatives and other formal financial services are the major factors influencing farmers’ choice of financing channels,and distribution network of banks or rural credit cooperatives it is the most significant impact on Farmers’ banks or credit unions in the formal degree of perfection.Based on the above conclusions,this paper puts forward some suggestions from the perspective of government,banks and other financial institutions and farmers.China’s economy is in a state of prosperity,but China’s agricultural development is still at a low level First,the government should increase policy support,protect the rights and interests of farmers,the influence of the lead of the government,called on the whole society to actively develop agriculture,change the agricultural development predicament;after the banks and other financial institutions should relax the restrictions of farmers financing,reducing the financing threshold;secondly,banks or rural credit cooperatives should increase the network settings,so that farmers can make financing convenient;finally,farmers should play their own advantages,improve their skills and overall quality,promote the income level.
Keywords/Search Tags:farmer financing, questionnaire, cross analysis, structural equation model
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