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Research On Government Support In The Development Of Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises

Posted on:2017-07-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2349330488490281Subject:Public Administration
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From our countrys' reform and opening up to today, the small and medium enterprises have a vigorous and rapid development. The government start to give them more attention and concern. In Wencheng, the number of the SMEs nearly reached ninty-eight percent above all. They play an important role in the countrys' economy, especially to speed up the economic, promote the innovation, increase the employment, provide the financial income and maintain the regions' prosperity. But these years, the global economic is suffering an unprecedented severe test. Difficulties such as the lack of workers, high cost hiring and material, the out of money, low technology and so on. In the case of so many problems, it has a huge impact to them. The SMEs in Wencheng are in the challenges. In this case, the government need a accurate judgment for the serious situation of the current SMEs and have a further study on its' way. Focusing on how to increase the government support and provide a better environment. Gradually improve the development situation and guarantee the sustainable. At the same time, the SMEs need change the way of themselves to be better. And make the progress with the policy and market support.The research is arround all kinds of SMEs and their governments' support method in Wencheng. To analysis carefully. We find the problems of the government support in Wencheng. To study hard of new and usful practice of the other countries. We pick up the reasons and solution ways. Providing the ways and advices to the government to help the SMEs' development. Such as change the industrial layout, provide more financing channels and financial support, complete the public survices, help them upgrade management lever and so on. All of them are helpful for the SMEs in Wencheng to have a vigorous and rapid development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Small and Medium-sized Enterprises(SMEs), Support Policy, Public survice, Credit Guaranty
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