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Research On Government Supporting Policy For New Energy Vehicle Industry In Guangzhou

Posted on:2017-10-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Development of automobile industry has always been accompanied by the double crises of oil consumption and air pollution,under great pressure of energy and environment,it cost quite a long time to find clean energy and alternative energy in automobile industry.Since the advent of 21 st century,pluralistic era of energy structure and power technology develops much more profoundly,in the early 1990 s,China began to develop and implement new energy vehicle technology planning,in the wake of the global financial crisis,our country oriented the development of new energy vehicles to the position of national strategy,which is not only a need of seizing opportunity to adjust industrial structure,but also a strategic choice in the long run.Under the background that several incentive policy has been issued in China,automotive industry,as the pillar industry of Guangzhou economic development has ushered in new opportunities,but due to insufficient government support?inadequate mastering about new energy vehicles core technology and lacking of infrastructure used for new energy vehicles etc.,new energy vehicles promotion was comparatively slow in Guangzhou,gap between the development in Beijing,Shenzhen and other cities in China have a tendency to expand.Governmental support policy acts as an important booster to new energy automobile industry in the early stage.The dissertation develops from the perspective of government policies condition?resources condition and market conditions of new energy automotive industry in Guangzhou,analyzing current status of governmental supporting policy and problems in new energy automotive industry in Guangzhou.Initiating from governmental supporting policy?fiscal and financial policy and infrastructure research,the paper analyzes in-depth the existing supporting measures?effects and existing issues.The dissertation uses literature research?questionnaire survey and comparative research methods,combined with the theory of market failure?government intervention theory and North Institution Change theory,that aims at providing a theoretical basis for the research of government support policy for new energy vehicle industry.In the face of dependence on oil for traditional fuel vehicles and air pollution problems,new energy vehicles is recognized as the only solution to this problems,meanwhile as an industry on the way of development and the public product characteristics that new energy vehicle owns determines,if there is no effective incentive mechanism,relying solely on the "invisible hand" for self-regulation,that effective resources allocation and maximizing economic social welfare can't be achieved.The development of new energy automotive industry is inseparable from the government promotion and support,and government should do something worthwhile in guiding public to choose low-carbon environment-friendly consumption.
Keywords/Search Tags:new energy vehicle industry, government support policy, government intervention
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