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The Research On The Policy Of The Government To Support Micro Enterprise

Posted on:2017-02-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2349330488466267Subject:Public Administration
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Small micro enterprise not only relates to the People's Daily life, but also related to enterprise transformation, expanding foreign trade, promote employment and market diversification demand more play an important role in every field. But small micro enterprise in the process of growth and development, because of the large enterprises and high and new technology industry, the green environmental protection, bank channels, intangible assets such as comparison, it seems, there are a lot of advantages and characteristics, so for the next step in the small micro enterprise development policies must take actual needs as a starting point, such ability can be fully embodies the market vigor.In the process of small micro enterprise development can play a supporting role is not only a policy also involves the construction of a policy support. Governments from multiple policy level support small micro enterprises, growth to provide convenient conditions for its development. This study with small micro enterprise in the field of law in the process of growth and development, the analysis of the financial sector and financial sector as the goal, final purpose is to help the healthy development of small micro enterprise, at the same time to the small micro enterprise support system is studied and discussed, and promote the development of small micro enterprise to fast, so as to meet the needs of rapid development of national economy.This study is divided into seven content:the first part is the introduction, completed the background and significance, research methods at the same time, the theoretical tools and deeply discusses the current situation; The second content mainly focuses on analyzing the basic theory of government support small micro enterprises, involved the content of the government support point of view; The exercise of the functions of the government, small micro enterprise definition and judgment; The third part, the development of the small micro enterprise, analyzes the current situation of the development; The fourth part mainly on government support under the background of small micro enterprises policy implementation were studied, the study of government support small micro enterprise policy reason, policies, goals, implementation effect, at the same time explore small micro enterprise problems that exist in the policy implementation; The fifth part, mainly introduces the small micro enterprise development policy and its enlightenment in the developed countries, such as America and Britain, and summarizes its enlightenment to China's development policy; The sixth part, mainly introduces the countermeasures and Suggestions to perfect the small micro enterprise support policy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Small Micro Enterprises, Supporting Policies, Government Intervention
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