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Research On The Application Of Traditional Wood Carving Patterns In Kenting Village, Shanxi Province

Posted on:2018-07-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J HaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2355330542963151Subject:Art of Design
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The traditional woodcarving plays a pivotal role in building's craving parts in Ding village,Xiangfen County,Shanxi Province.The traditional woodcarving was formed in the Ming Dynasty,then gradually expanded and constantly enriching its subject matters,reached the peak of woodcarving art after Qing Dynasty.The traditional woodcarving patterns in Ding village retained profound agrarian cultures and businessmen temperament,however,with the wake of the decline of Shanxi Merchants,Ding village woodcarving was stagnant.The traditional woodcarving pattern in Ding village should be studied from different perspectives and high-levels.This thesis is mainly divided into five part s.The first part introduces the pattern art and the development of Ding village's woodcarvings.The second part specifically explains the decorative components o f woodcarving pattern and analyses woodcarving patterns of the subject based on some decorative components,such as Dougong,Chuanchafang,Lanban,Queti et c.The third part combs themes of traditional woodcarvings patterns,illustrates t he richness of woodcarving patterns based on folk allusions,auspicious animals etc.,analyzes the rules and studies the forms of carving patterns.The forth part compares the woodcarving arts between Huizhou and Dongyang to analyse chara cteristics of the woodcarving art in the north and south,to highlight the artistic characteristics of the woodcarving patterns of Ding village.The last part extracts the creative woodcarving pattern elements into artistic creation,inspiring the tra ditional cultural values of the China through the cultural connotation of wood ca rvings.Any decorative arts are the combination of art and technology.Ding village wood carving patterns are smooth,modelling actuarially,reflecting the master craftsman's superb artistic attainments.Ding village traditional wood carving pattern with ancient humble funky temperament,showing the charm of art boutique,reflecting the Jinnan region's literature and art treasures.Meanwhile,it also reflects the Chinese construction concept,values,moral ethics,aesthetic taste and customs.
Keywords/Search Tags:wood carving pattern, decorative components, pattern elements, artistic style, aesthetic characteristics
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