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Research Of Guang-style Wooden-carving And Applications In Architecture And Interior Design

Posted on:2013-01-12Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J XueFull Text:PDF
GTID:1115330362466728Subject:Furniture design and engineering
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There is no doubt that the traditional art should not be ignoranced, especially to theGuang-style wood-carving, which is full of traditional culture and regional character should bewell developed and applied. With the development of informaiton, automaiton andintelligentization, great changes have been taken place in technology and living styles, so as tothe Guang-style wood-carving. On the basis of identifying the definition and the terms ofGuang-style wood-carving, the thesis analyzes and researches towards its application inArchitecture and Interior Design.1. Make a definition toward Guang-style wood-carving and some terms that concerned,together with the usage area, the thesis analyzed systematiclly of its traditional style anddevelopment rule, exploring the forms,featrues,expressions, themes about Guang-stylewood-carving.2. Make a contrast between traditional and contemporary technics, stating the features oftraditional materails, tools, mechanics, and analyzing the industry state both in traditional andcontemporary technics. According to the existed problems, the paper aims to propose thesuggestions and resolvations, combing with the cases of CNC technology and its applications inGuang-style wood-carving, so as to put forward the modern technics in its future development.3. Summarize the application features and principles of Guang-style wood-carving bymeans of the comparision between Guang-style wood-carving and other forms. Besides, researchtowards the ancient architectural wood-part deeply in Guangzhou, Fuoshan, Chaozhou, Shantou,etc, and then sum up the usage principles and methods in modern architect, supporting theanalysisi with cases, so as to create more kinds of ornamental methods.4. Analyze the application circ of Guang-style wood-carving in ancient and modern InteriorDesign, combining with its importance in decoration, concluding its effects in organization andcompartment, ornament, modification. The paper presents the main reasons of Guang-stylewood-carving in forming, by means of the comparision between ancient and modern Guang-stylewood-carving. Besides, aiming at the home space and public space in modern Interior Design,analyzing its ornamentation with few cases, so as to instruct the designers to make Guang-stylewood-carving into use in Interior Design, and design better living and working space for humanbeing.
Keywords/Search Tags:Guang-style wood-carving, wood-carving technic, architectural wood-carving, applicaiton
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