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Cross-culture Communication And Inheritance Research On The Decorative Patterns Of Jian Chuan Wood Carving

Posted on:2019-10-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Jian Chuan wood carving decoration pattern is the dazzling national culture and artistic heritage of the Chinese nation,with a high artistic,historical value and digital protection significance.It is named after the place of Dali-Jian Chuan,the birthplace of woodcarving technology.On June 7,2008,the state council acknowledged that wood carving was published on the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage list in the name of traditional art.Then the third batch of national intangible cultural heritages and national list of intangible cultural heritage project extension project in on May 23,2011 was officially announced by the state council,"Jian Chuan woodcarving" was listed in "wood" project,thus Jian Chuan woodcarving became one country of intangible heritage.As a member of the large family of intangible cultural heritage in China,the artistic resources of sword inheritance and wood carving are all over Dali Bai autonomous prefecture.Its artistic resources include two parts: wood carving crafts and wood carving patterns.Wood carving patterns are the artistic achievements of ancient wood carving craftsmen.With the increasing frequency of civilized exchanges in various regions of modern society,the cross-cultural communication and inheritance of Jian Chuan woodcarving decorative patterns is also facing new challenges and crises.Therefore,how to carry out cross-cultural communication of ethnic cultures and efficient transmission of ethnic patterns has become a research hotspot and an urgent problem to solve.The art of Jian Chuan woodcarving decorative patterns lies in its various graphic expressions and exquisite carving techniques.It is the Bai people's agglomerating with wisdom and sweat that make the various patterns of Jian Chuan woodcarving decoration maintaining for thousands of years.The wood carving pattern on the architectural structure is the essence of the Bai culture.the vivid image of the birds and birds,and the homonym for the auspicious life,which intuitively reflects the wishes of the local people.The pattern of the Bo Gu character is mainly the dissemination of abstract stories and cultural concepts of the Bai nationality.The sense of order of geometric shapes is very strong,which can be extracted to a series of image generation rules.Based on the classification of Jian Chuan woodcarving decorative patterns,firstly through field research and searching a literature of Jian Chuan woodcarving decoration pattern formed by the natural environment background,cultural history background,religious belief,and the analysis of the aesthetic of Jian Chuan woodcarving decoration pattern discussion,and then based on the analysis of the grain appearance form of schema language analysis,and under the intervention of schema theory to reading patterns of external visual performance and internal moral.In the schema language for cross-cultural communication model based on the analysis of the structure,on the basis of the schema theory to explore patterns of cross-cultural communication principle,mechanism,level and method of digital transmission for the Jian Chuan woodcarving decoration pattern to provide effective Suggestions,for the pattern to achieve intercultural communication practice provides methodology guidance.In the context of globalization in the 21 st century,the collision between different culture and communication has become increasingly fierce.In order to better more efficient foreign present and convey the traditional culture,build a reasonable and effective way of foreign communication culture?The bridge to communicate with the outside world is particularly important.It is necessary to carry out cross-cultural communication and inheritance with the help of digital technology.The content discussed in this article not only aims at the cross-cultural communication and inheritance of Jian Chuan woodcarving decorative patterns,but also hopes to provide a certain degree of reference for the study of the dissemination and inheritance of other similar ethnic cultures.
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