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The Enlightenment Of Marx's Women's Theory On The Current Status Of Women's Social Status In China

Posted on:2017-07-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2356330488971990Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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Gender equality and women's development is one of the eternal themes of the overall and free development of people to pursue.The development degree of gender equality and women measures universally the degree of social progress,it's also the important goal and basis element of sustainable development which human beings has always been pursuing.Along with the continuous deepening of reform and opening to the outside world,Chinese women's liberation and development work has made remarkable achievement.But because of the constraints of such factors as economic development level,historic culture impact and so on,the level of development of China's women is still insufficient.Chinese women's issues have always been emerging newly.Female problem is an important aspect of the development of our country.Marx women's theory is an important theoretical source of the new China's women's theory.The successful practice in socialist counties,the achievements of the new China women's career under the guidance of Marx women's theory,and the Chinese development of Marx women's theory are all showing that Marx women's theory is applicable to China.Marxist women theory's guiding significance for China is important.At present,it is still necessary to continue to pay attention to and study Marx's classic women's theory,and develop Marx women's theory timely and appropriately,so as to make it suitable for the developing Chinese women's cause.This paper's methods are historical materialism and dialectical materialism.It is on the basis of Marxism classical liberation and the existing research monograph,explaining Marxist women's theory in simple language and its guidance and inspiration to the current problem of promoting the social statues of women in our country.This article is divided into four parts.The first part outlines the formation,development and main contents of Marx's theory of women.The second partelaborates the theoretical achievements of Chinese women's liberation and development under the guidance and enlightenment of Marx's theory of women,including the women's liberation ideology of the early Chinese communist,Mao Zedong's women liberation thoughts and the women theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics.The third part analyzes the current situation of women's social status in China.The last part expounds the promotion approach of Chinese women's social status under the guidance of Marx's theory of women,in terms of the economy,traditional culture,consciousness and conception,and the law safeguard.
Keywords/Search Tags:Marx women's theory, Chinese women's, social status, Enlightenment
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