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Research On The Changing Of The Social Status Of Nigerian Women Since Independence

Posted on:2021-01-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Nigerian women have been making a contribution to the development of Nigeria during the process from traditional tribal societies to modern country.There are different traits appearing in the social status of Nigerian women because of the various ethnic groups,different regions and religions.There is a certain improvement in women's social status for the present Nigerian women than them in their days in colonialism and military regime.However,Nigerian women today still face a lot of challenges.It is the responsibility and challenge of the Nigerian government to make policy to improve the social status of Nigerian women.And if Nigeria is planing to modernize and industrialize the country to develop the social economy from all sides,the women's participation cannot be missed to play a key role in this.From the perspective of Nigerian women's social status,this dissertation is to research on the status quo of the Nigerian women since independence,and analyze the factors that restrict women's social participation,then to put forward the ways to improve the social status of Nigerian women.This dissertation is divided into one introductory and five chapters.The first chapter expounds the social status of Nigerian women before independence,the first part of which starts from the time of the traditional Nigerian society to the period of the incoming of Islam in the Northern Nigeria and the Europeans in the southern coast;the second part of this chapter discusses the Nigerian women's social status in the colonial time and the response of the Nigerian women to the colonist regime.The chapter two discusses the changing of the social status of Nigerian women since independence,which is expounded from the early period after independence,from 70 s to 90 s,and after the fourth republic.Third Chapter analyzes the factors that restrict the improvement of the social status of Nigerian women from the perspective of history,culture and the realistic society.The chapter four puts forward the possible approaches to improve the social status of Nigerian women from the perspective of government,both federal government and local government,society,both home and abroad,and individuals,both men and women.And the last chapter concludes that this dissertation is to make us have a clear picture about the changing of social status of Nigerian women,and what lies ahead of the Nigerian women.At the same time,it can make us realize the potential power of Nigerian women,and the necessity and the importance of improving Nigerian women's social status.
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