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Responsibility Research On Road Traffic Accidents Of Net Car

Posted on:2018-12-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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All along,China's road traffic accident responsibilities include three categories: First,the no-fault liability of the third party liability insurance for motor vehicles;Second,the fault liability between the motor vehicles;Third,the no-fault liability between motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles.With the development and popularization of Internet technology,the shared economy gets rapid development relying on the Internet platform,the network booking vehicles as the representative of the shared economy have an effect on the traditional taxi industry.The long-term accumulation of contradictions among Taxi industry have not yet been effectively resolved,new problems of network booking vehicles are emerging by the impact of Internet technology.Although the Ministry of Communications promulgated the "Interim Measures" and allowed the local people's governments to formulate the corresponding regulations in accordance with the local authorities.But it is due to the network of vehicles on the road traffic accident responsibility did not make clear and specific provisions and promote pilot reform in accord with the local practice.Because of lacking a unified standard,some issues produced like the responsibility of network platform company is not clear,the reason of the insurance company refused to pay is not Specific and so on.Therefore,it is necessary to analyze the Particularity of Traffic Accident Responsibility of network booking Vehicles and the problems between the process of responsibility division and on this basis,put forward the corresponding improvement proposals.
Keywords/Search Tags:network booking vehicles, Internet platform, traffic accident liability, motor vehicle traffic accident liability compulsory insurance
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