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Research On The Speedy Procedure Of Criminal Cases In China

Posted on:2018-07-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At present,our country is in a period of rapid development of economy and society,an important period of strategic opportunities,also a sudden period of social contradictions.With the transformation of the mode of economic development,include the deepening of the reform and opening to the outside,social risk management is more and more difficult in China.Now China is in the primary stage of socialism the crucial period of development and the rapid development of social economy,the contradiction of people’s life is increasing,a large number of minor criminal cases emerged,according to our country’s minor criminal cases the defendant pleaded guilty to deny the speedy trial cases and minor criminal penalty to simplify the trial.In June 27,2014,the NPC Standing Committee passed the "authorizing the Supreme People’s court,the Supreme People’s Procuratorate decided" to carry out criminal cases cutting speed in parts of the pilot program(hereinafter referred to as the pilot decision)Authorized Tianjin,Shanghai,Beijing,Jinan,Qingdao 18 cities to carry out a pilot program for minor criminal speedy trial procedure.The minor criminal case trial procedure is required for China’s criminal summary procedure on the basis of "simplified",which is to improve the litigation efficiency of our country,optimize the allocation of judicial resources available,has vital significance to protect the litigant lawsuit rights and interests.For the judicial practice of the reality of our country,the construction of minor criminal cases and urgent need to expedite procedure has an important practical significance.The construction with respect to the basic premise of summary procedure "simplified" procedure of minor criminal cases should ensure expedite procedure legitimacy,so to solve the conflict of value diversification criminal procedure the need to deserve special attention in the construction of minor criminal cases speed cutting program process.At the same time,we should also pay attention to the criminal cases speed cutting process there are many problems in the pilot practice,such as the protection of the rights is not perfect,the legal basis is not clear,the system is not clear,the supporting mechanism is not perfect and so on,the key to solve these problems is the implementation of minor criminal cases to expedite procedure.
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