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American New England Patriot Club Brand Creation Study

Posted on:2017-12-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2357330488492707Subject:Humanities and sociology
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The paper takes American New England Patriots team as the research object,supported by brand image model theory,adopted the methods of c omparison of sociology and documentary analysis,it explores and analyzes various e lements on influencing New England Patriots brand creation process.The National Football League(NFL) is the United States' most popular profe ssional sport league, and in recent years New England Patriots team is a rising s tar in American professional football movement,which under unified management of NFL.Therefore,the study of the Patriots' brand creation as an object has an import ant and practical significance.The study has shown that the stability and prosperity of the American politi cs, economy,culture and society in the greater Boston area have created a good e xternal environment condition for the Patriots' development and brand establishme nt. Political stability, economic prosperity, profound historical and cultural backgr ound, strong education and sports atmosphere, and the harmonious development o f community,all of these factors are conducive to the sustainable development of the Patriots club.The key factors for Patriots' brand creation can be summarized as”one threa d, three key points”. Setting brand's creation and improvement as a keynote is a red thread that runs throughout all phases of the team brand establishment, and ”the t hree key points” can be attributed to the following elements. Firstly, focusing on strengthening team's self-construction by the cultivation of excellent coaches and athletes is an effective way to build up hard-power for the team's expansion, at the same time improving team's soft-power through three-level activities which i ncluding the establishment of the logo image, the construction of regulations and the realization of the team's value system. Secondly,focusing on coordinating an d optimizing the environment by building favorable media, community and fans' relations to create a good external public relations condition. Thirdly,focusing on brand protection by the department management, external coordination and legal action. The three aspects that mentioned above are interacted and coordinated wit h each other, then work together for the “one thread” of Patriots' brand construc tion,to maintaining its brand image and enhancing brand value and profitability.The successful experience of Patriot's brand creation can provide relevant ref erence for the development of Chinese professional sports clubs, and plays a refe rential role in its aspects of brand creation,operation,maintenance and promotion.However,we should not simply copy its model,we need to seek a suitable way thatcompatible with Chinese current conditions and practical need,only by doing so ca n be beneficial in the sustained, healthy and stable growth of Chinese professional s ports clubs.
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