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The Study On The Impact Of Mixed Ownership Reform On The Value Creation Of State Owned Enterprises

Posted on:2018-08-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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State owned enterprises have been playing an important role in the economic system of our country.With the deepening of economic reform,the reform of state-owned enterprises has been heated.After the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee,the reform of state-owned enterprises has entered a new chapter-the development of mixed ownership reform in the form of multiple ownership.Although the reform of state-owned enterprises has started since a long time ago,and has experienced several stages of development,however,the reform has not made gratifying achievements,major problems restricting the development of state-owned enterprises still exist.The reform of state-owned enterprises in order to solve these contradictions has been restricting the development of enterprises,enhance the value of creativity of its own,and mixed ownership reform can effectively improve the enterprise value creation theory and practice sector has less attention.There are many literatures on the effect of the mixed ownership reform of state-owned enterprises from the perspective of enterprise performance,which is not extended to the level of value creation.Compared with enterprise performance,enterprise value creativity as a dynamic comprehensive index is more suitable for evaluating the effect of mixed ownership reform of state-owned enterprises.However,at present,the research on the value creation of enterprises is mainly from the aspects of connotation,index evaluation system and so on.Therefore,the author tries to construct the evaluation index system of enterprise value creativity,and uses this system to evaluate and test the value creativity of the mixed ownership reform of state-owned enterprises.This not only provides the policy basis for the current reform of mixed ownership of state-owned enterprises from the practical level,but also enriches the research perspective and content of the reform of state-owned enterprises and the value of creativity.Based on the status of state-owned enterprises of mixed ownership reform and combing the relevant theory and the value of creativity has been described.The state-owned enterprise reform mixed factors of value creation,and then select the appropriate indicators,using multivariate linear analysis,from two aspects of financial value creativity and market value creativity,analysis of different path under the action of state-owned enterprises mixed ownership reform of the enterprise value creation effect.This conclusion has a certain significance to deepen the new round of state-owned enterprise reform,deepen the research on the value of creativity,deepen the understanding of the relationship between the two.
Keywords/Search Tags:State-owned Enterprise, Mixed Ownership Reform, Value Creativity
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