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Research On The Optimization Of The Credit Rating System Of The Gem Listed Companies

Posted on:2018-03-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The credit rating is still in the initial stage of development in the domestic market,the modern credit rating industry in China started in 1987,to 2006 Dealers Association set up to introduce short financial to now,China’s credit rating history for about more than and 20 years,with foreign hundred years of the history of the development of credit rating compared to China’s market and the rating industry is still in childhood,development experience is still shallow,maturity is not enough.From theory to practice is in the exploration and growth period.In addition,China’s socialist market economy China characteristics under the market has not yet fully liberalized,market-oriented pricing and market credit evolution always interfered by various forms,the external environment complexity leads to the development of the credit rating industry in China is relatively slow.Establish a credit rating system is scientific and reasonable,can play the strength assessment,good for enterprises to optimize,the integrity of the enterprise has the advantage in the market competition,and reduce the harm not the integrity of the enterprise to the market caused by the bad.Enterprise credit rating is a measure of the market the enterprise performance standard,the establishment of enterprise credit rating system for banks,investment companies to provide reference in order to effectively solve the difficult problem of corporate finance,risk assessment system of qualified companies have been working on the machine in the direction of financial structure.Among them,the enterprise’s credit rating as the capital gap of both sides to open channels,can the adverse selection and moral hazard problems largely solved the two,make financial institutions more efficient screening of the enterprise,but also improve the efficiency of the whole capital market.This paper first introduces the current market in credit rating,combined with the current situation of domestic companies listed on GEM development,factor analysis based on the financial index of enterprise public,clustering analysis of comprehensive score,the credit rating division,finally selected ten GEM companies,verified by market data.The theory and practice of market data and comparison,this paper established the calculation according to the public financial credit rating index analysis has a certain reference value to verify,can provide convenience to some extent for investment,and so on.
Keywords/Search Tags:credit rating, GEM listed companies, cluster analysis, factor analysis
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