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Research On The Development Of Small And Micro Enterprises Loan Business Of Anhui Local Commercial Banks

Posted on:2018-07-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,China's economy has been rapid development,small and micro enterprises have mushroomed and developed,and become a powerful driving force for China's economic development.Small and micro businesses increasingly strong momentum of development,play a very important role in the latest enterprise standards,China has Small and micro businesses reached more than 99%,to create a national GDP 65%,providing jobs in cities and towns throughout the country 85%,paid taxes accounted for 60%,these data are sufficient to prove that small businesses have a decisive the role for the economic development of our country.However,due to the internal and external reasons of small and micro enterprises,they also encountered some difficulties in the financing process.To this end,commercial banks began to adjust the strategy,more emphasis on the transfer of loans to small and micro enterprises,small and micro enterprises lending business competition is becoming increasingly fierce.In this context,the local commercial banks in Anhui have taken the lead in setting up small and micro enterprises lending business in China.This strategy has not only widened its profit margins,but also injected new vitality into the development of small and micro enterprises' loan business.However,there are still many problems in the performance evaluation system and risk control measures of small and micro enterprise loan business.On this basis,this paper analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of small and micro enterprise loan business in local commercial banks of Anhui Province,and puts forward some suggestions for improvement in light of its internal and external environment.This paper first introduces the meaning and characteristics of small business loans,and then describes the development status of small and micro loans in China from three aspects:development scale,product characteristics and management process.On this basis,the advantages and disadvantages of small and micro loans in local banks are compared and analyzed,mainly from the two aspects of environment and product management process.Then,take the Huizhou Merchants Bank as an example to introduce and sum up experience.Finally,through the combination of their own internship experience and book knowledge,the paper puts forward some targeted development strategies and suggestions for the local commercial banks in Anhui province.I hope that the research results of this paper can provide some guidance for the development of small and micro enterprise loans in local commercial banks and commercial banks in Anhui Province,and provide reference for other commercial banks to develop small and micro enterprises loan business.
Keywords/Search Tags:Loans of small and micro enterprises, Local commercial banks, Loan products, Management processes
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