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The Research On The Loan Business Of Small And Micro Businesses Of D Rural Commercial Banks

Posted on:2019-03-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Banking industry is the lifeline and booster of national economic development.The development and growth of any country,region and any industry or enterprise are inseparable from the support of the banking industry.Both need sound and effective banking system as support.On the other hand,commercial banks as a special enterprise operating monetary funds and credit business,its operational risk is far higher than the entity enterprises.Credit risk management is an important guarantee to achieve the safety and profit objectives of commercial banks throughout the banking business.Agricultural and commercial banks,credit cooperatives and village banks are important parts of China's rural financial system.Rural commercial banks are usually transformed from the former rural credit cooperative association.Most of its clients are rural residents,small and micro enterprises,individual owners and so on.However,due to the small size of rural commercial banks,imperfect organizational structure,weak management ability,low level of education of employees,the average age on the high side and other historical legacy problems,coupled with small and micro enterprises' own profitability is weak,the ability to withstand risks is poor,the daily concept of credit management is indifferent.As a result,the existing rural commercial banks have been in a passive situation in the credit business of small and micro enterprises,that is,they can not alleviate the financing difficulties of small and micro enterprises,nor can they embody the indispensable significance of the rapid development of rural commercial banks in the county economy.Under the background of deepening reform of domestic financial system,marketization of interest rate and normalization of new economy,domestic banking industry is facing increasingly fierce pressure and competition with other industries.Large and medium-sized state-owned commercial banks and joint-stock banks have extended their business contacts to rural areas,counties and small and micro enterprises,squeezing the inherent market share of rural commercial banks in this business field.Rural commercial banks are facing the pressure of the downturn of the overall market economy and increasingly fierce competition between banks.How to exert the traditional advantages of intensive farming,keep the inherent market share,create an innovative mode suitable for local micro-financial business,and strengthen the credit risk management mechanism to ensure business safety are the urgent problems that rural commercial banks must solve.Based on the above realistic background,this topic adopts the combination of literature research,case study and social survey.Research methods,based on the in-depth study of Chinese and foreign literature,commercial bank credit business management theory as a theoretical support,according to the new Basel Accord to standardize the management requirements of commercial banks.On the premise of comprehensive analysis of credit business and credit management of small and micro enterprises of rural commercial banks in China,D rural commercial banks are selected as the research object,and the business of small and micro enterprises of case banks is deeply analyzed.This paper discusses the present situation and existing problems of small and micro enterprise business of D rural commercial banks,from the overall framework of small and micro enterprise loan business management and organizational structure,improvement of internal control system,optimization of small and micro enterprise credit evaluation index system,construction of credit information platform,improvement of loan early warning mechanism,post-loan management,enterprises.In order to construct a complete and efficient case bank micro-business system,this paper takes D rural commercial banks' small and micro-enterprise business as a case study and puts forward reasonable solutions.The purpose is to provide certain reference and reference significance for domestic rural commercial banks in small and micro enterprise business.
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