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The Study Of Chinese Commercial Banks’ Securitization Of Credit Assets

Posted on:2018-08-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Essentially,securitization of credit assets is a new type of financing.It refers to commercial banks and other financial institutions which will sell their specific assets to Special Purpose Vehicle.Compared with the general assets,these assets’ special points are that their lacks of liquidity but can generate interests in the future.Therefore,the promoters can design and reschedule the assets’ portfolio of structural,which can enhance its credit,at the same time,its income and risk were reorganized and separated.So take the most of the characteristics that basic assets can survive in the future,which turns such assets or portfolios into securities products circulating and trading freely in the secondary market of securities.Such managements can also allow investors in the financial markets to invest in their investments and help promoters achieve the purpose of financing.Securitization of credit assets is one of the types of asset securitization.It is also a unique financial instrument in the twenty-first century.In this paper,the securitization of credit assets mainly refers to the commercial banks design and arrange their own loans,accounts receivable and so on,which is used for issuing securitization products in the formation of new assets on the basis of the pool.Therefore,this article will take the China’s commercial banks carrying out credit asset securitization business as the starting point to analyze how to play its advantages of credit assets,which can affect China’s commercial banks operating activities;as well as,the study of commercial banks’ credit securitization can promote the development of the financial industry,and then promote the favorable development of China’s economic and financial markets,which is of greatly theoretical significance for the further study of its role in China’s economic development.In this paper,after analyzing the operational mechanism and development status of commercial banks’ credit assets securitization,we focuses on the analysis of the effect of credit assets securitization of commercial banks in China.This paper analyzes the effect of the implementation of credit asset securitization on the effect of commercial banks by using the method of event research,quantitative and qualitative method and the model of listed commercial banks in China from the macro and micro perspective.Finally,this paper summarizes and puts forward some measures and suggestions on the development of credit assets securitization of commercial banks.The main conclusions of this paper are as follows:First,the credit securitization business of commercial banks will affect the development of commercial banks from three different levels in the macroscopic point of view:the risk level,the monetary policy transmission level and the resource allocation level.Secondly,commercial banks implement credit assets securitization will bring commercial banks to bring value effects and risk effects from the empirical results.First of all,the commercial bank’s credit assets securitization business will usually reduce the wealth of bank shareholders,which is the wealth effect of shareholders.Because the bank initiates the securitization business of credit assets,which is usually the basic assets of securitization,such as housing mortgage loan and corporate loan,which will lead to the decrease of banks’ stock price and the corresponding decrease of shareholders’earnings.Secondly,credit assets securities the business impact on the promotion of China’s banking industry has a positive impact on the financial effect and economic effect.Finally,the credit assets securitization business can effectively reduce the risk level of China’s commercial banks.Through the analysis of the effect of commercial bank credit asset securitization business,which is of great practical significance to promote the development and reform of China’s banking business.China’s current financial system has been gradually developed and improved.There are still many problems which is need to be resolved of the financial market structure,which will have a serious obstacle to China’s economic development,Such as weak financial market fundamentals,lagging stock markets;imperfect financial market environment,lower financial market efficiency and innovation capacity,and lack of sound and effective financial regulatory system.Therefore,it is necessary to promote the development of credit assets securitization business of commercial banks and give full play to the credit assets securitization business to promoting the development of China’s economy,also for the establishment and improvement of the financial market system which can strengthen the supervision of the financial system and promote the stable development of financial markets very necessary.
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