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Research Of Incentive Effect Of Science And Technology Policy On Industrial Technological Innovation

Posted on:2018-08-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330536462091Subject:Industrial Economics
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Since reform and opening up,China's economy has witnessed a remarkable development.However,the problem of economic unsustainability and inappropriate economic structure threatens the economic long-term growth.So technological innovations and technological progress are needed to reduce the production cost,to improve the labor productivity and resource utilization efficiency,and finally to promote economic transformation and upgrading.Although recent years in China,the overall level of technological innovations has a certain degree of increase,the problem of insufficient innovations is still grim.To solve the problem of insufficient innovation output,effective science and technology policies are needed to be taken by the government to inspire the enterprises taking more technological innovation activities,and to correct the "market failure" of R&D activities.Since the implementation of science and technology policies,the innovation output has increased,but for the judgment of the policy effect and the policy driven mechanism still remain unknown.Therefore,this paper will take a deep insight of the effect of science and technology policies on innovations,so as to provide reference for the government on policy decisions.Based on the existing research,this paper first establishes a decision-making model of innovation incentive effect from science and technology policies and then investigates this incentive effect on product innovations,process innovations and the driving mechanism from the supply-push and demand-pull perspective.Finally,this paper uses the method of difference in difference to test the effect of science and technology policies with the data from 2005 to 2014,and gets the following conclusion:(1)both policies have a positive incentive effect on innovation activities.Demand-pull policies have a strong role in promoting process innovation activities and supply-push policies have a strong role in promoting product innovation activities.When both policies are taken,the incentive effect becomes stronger.(2)For the policy intensity,this paper finds that the effect of demand-pull policies are only for the process innovation activities,supply-push policies have effects on two kinds of innovations under the low intensity.Otherwise,two types of policies have promoting effects on the product innovations under the high intensity.(3)different types of policies have different timeliness.The timeliness of demand-pull policies is short,but the timeliness of supply-push policies is longer and more stable.(4)the results of the driven mechanism from difference in difference show that the corporate R&D input is the main reason for the promotion of enterprise's innovation activities which is inspired by the policy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Science and technology policy, Technological innovation, Difference in difference method, equipment manufacturing industry
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