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The Influence Of Industrial Policy On The Independent Innovation Ability Of Advanced Manufacturing Industry

Posted on:2020-03-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330590486580Subject:Industrial Economics
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The development of advanced manufacturing has reached the national strategic level.The 19 th national congress of the communist party of China(CPC)clearly stated that advanced manufacturing should be vigorously developed.As the core field with the most active innovation,abundant achievements and abundant profits in the manufacturing industry,the development of advanced manufacturing industry is conducive to the transformation of China's economic development mode,the resolution of the contradiction of unbalanced and inadequate development in the new era,and the construction of modern economic system.Industrial policy is an important means for the government to regulate and control the economic operation in China.The study on the influence of industrial policy on the independent innovation ability of enterprises has important theoretical and practical significance for promoting the high-quality development of China's economy.In this paper,a quasi-natural experiment was constructed based on the construction planning outline of advanced manufacturing base issued by Zhejiang province in 2003.Based on the micro data of China industrial enterprise database,DID and DDD methods were used to investigate the impact of industrial policies on enterprises' independent innovation ability.The following works are carried out by combining normative analysis with empirical analysis.First of all,this paper reviews the literature,summarizes the relevant theories of industrial policy and enterprise innovation,and discusses the mechanism of the former influencing the latter.Industrial policies affect enterprises' innovation activities through legal environment,financial environment,infrastructure construction,land resource allocation,talent training and other aspects.Secondly,through collecting relevant data,this paper analyzes the development of advanced manufacturing industry in Zhejiang province and the development level of independent innovation ability.In addition,Shanghai,Jiangsu and Anhui provinces,which are also located in the Yangtze river delta region,are selected for horizontal comparative analysis to form a preliminary judgment of facts.Thirdly,the program of Zhejiang advanced manufacturing base construction was used as the natural experiment,and DID and DDD were used to investigate the impact of this policy on the innovation output of Zhejiang advanced manufacturing enterprises,using the micro enterprise data of China industrial enterprise database of China statistics bureau from 1999 to 2007.The results show that the implementation of this policy can promote the innovation activities of Zhejiang advanced manufacturing enterprises and improve their independent innovation ability to some extent.This paper also makes a robustness test and further analysis from the perspectives of property right nature,industrial heterogeneity,enterprise scale and regional is found that the implementation of this policy has a significant impact on domestic enterprises,but not on foreign enterprises.Further,after the differentiation between state-owned enterprises and non-state-owned enterprises in domestic enterprises,the research results showed that the policy effect of state-owned enterprises group was more obvious.Second,consider industrial heterogeneity.It is found that the more advanced the technology is,the more significant the policy effect is.Furthermore,it is found that the implementation of the plan has a more significant impact on large-scale enterprises after distinguishing between industries and enterprise scale.Third,consider regional heterogeneity.Jiangsu province,Shanghai city and Anhui province in the Yangtze river delta region were taken as the control group,and after the regression analysis,it was found that when Anhui province was taken as the control group,the policy effect was the most significant.Finally,based on the research conclusions,the following policy recommendations are proposed: build local characteristic industries by relying on comparative advantages;Distinguish industrial characteristics,supporting the corresponding policy incentives;Combine property right property right nature,reasonable allocation dispatcher resource;Flexible matching of policy tools according to enterprise characteristics;We will establish an evaluation mechanism and improve the evaluation and supervision system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Industrial policy, Advanced manufacturing, Independent Innovation, Quasi-natural experiment, Difference in difference method
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