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Research On The Influence Of Online Box Software Using In Yuan Xin Co.on Accounting Informatization In The Cloud Computing Era

Posted on:2018-08-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of the current society and the progress of information technology,it is the general trend of the development of the information age to improve people’s daily life mode through information technology.Moreover,with the globalization of economy,the competition in all walks of life is becoming more and more serious,and the risks are also increasing.Traditional accounting has been unable to meet the requirements of social development.Therefore,the accounting informationization arises at the historic moment.How to realize the accounting informatization and establish the comprehensive enterprise business management has become the hot topic of the software development and enterprise management at present.This paper mainly focuses on China’s Small and micro businesses,and personal work environment were beyond the accounting information letter for the typical case analysis,to study the application of online box software company far influence on accounting information.Far letter development company’s accounting information technology stage,have the basic characteristics of China’s Small and micro businesses accounting informatization development,calculated from the initial pure artificial accounting,transition to computerized accounting mode,gradually developed to introduce advanced information management mode in foreign countries,the overall stability of the account to be done manually change the accounting software application.With the advent of the cloud computing era,the traditional accounting model is showing a variety of drawbacks,more and more unsuitable for the current enterprise accounting,financial office.The development of the far letter accounting information has not only limited to the application of transformation of accounting software from manual accounting to the new period,actually has the transition to Xiang Yun new computing application.The cloud computing platform for the far letter company accounting information provides a powerful computing capability of application service engine,the user uses the engine needed to achieve all kinds of financial applications,flexible to adapt to the requirements of the enterprise accounting,reduce the threshold of the enterprise accounting informatization construction,to provide technical support to the level of accounting information cloud company.This study is mainly through the application of online box software in the far company accounting work in the company office,combined with the background of China’s Small and micro businesses accounting informatization construction,analysis of the status and characteristics of the company letter far fine accounting information construction,and accounting information issued by the way of architecture,computing technology with the support of cloud,the cloud computing environment remote information construction mode of accounting,combined with the analysis of application of online box software company far,far to accelerate the development of accounting information process of company.On the other hand,this study is established in our country Small and micro businesses accounting information and construction background,therefore also on China’s overall Small and micro businesses,in the cloud computing era,how to develop the accounting information effectively,but also provides a valuable reference and practical significance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Accounting information, cloud computing, small and micro enterprises, far letter company, online box
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