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Research On Credit Support For Technology-based SMEs

Posted on:2019-03-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330545984998Subject:Business management
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With the development of economy and society,at present,enterprises that occupy a relatively large proportion of China's national economy are technology-based SMEs,which play an important role in promoting economic development,building a harmonious society,and increasing the employment rate.However,the development of science and technology-based SMEs can not always lack the support of funds,and their financing needs are often overlooked by banks.At this stage,bank loans are an external financing tool that China's science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises usually use.Of course,bank loans have also become the main way to ease the financing difficulties of such enterprises.China's commercial banks have basically saturated their loans in traditional industries,and the market share has basically stabilized and solidified.Therefore,commercial banks support the development of science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises through financial support is an important means to expand market share.Therefore,it is concluded that the research on the financial support status of China's commercial banks for SMEs can not only help SMEs to get out of financing difficulties,but also help the development of commercial banking business,which has important practical value.At present,banks are mainly led by domestic financial models.With the domestic capital market and the immaturity of the venture capital environment,it is extremely important for science and technology bank credit funds to solve the funding gaps of science and technology SMEs and to guide the development of science and technology SMEs.Now.Compared with the rapid development of high-tech development zones and technology-based enterprises,China's science and technology banks are still lacking in coping strategies,development is still very backward,and the pace of business development is also very slow.Due to the unsatisfactory business performance and high credit risk,SMEs have become increasingly prominent and have also had a negative impact on the continued healthy development of China's technology banks.How to improve the credit financing system for science and technology SMEs and optimize the support for technological SMEs to support scientific and technological SMEs is a practical issue that needs to be solved in order to promote the development of the national ecoinomy at the current stage,and has a high practical value.This paper introduces the relevant financing theory knowledge of commercial banks supporting financial services for small and medium-sized enterprises.Based on this,it first analyzes the main characteristics of China's technology-based SMEs,financing conditions,credit risk characteristics,and major issues of credit financing.Then,according to the development status of science and technology banks at home and abroad,lessons learned and lessons learned from Nanjing Agricultural Bank's financing process for science and technology SMEs are analyzed on their development status and problems,and the reasons for these problems are analyzed.Finally,by analyzing the financial support for the status quo and problems of SMEs,and drawing on the successful practices of other technology banks at home and abroad,from learning the experience of the industry,innovating the banking service mechanism and service model,cultivating compound talents and cooperation between banks and government agencies In terms of each aspect,we summed up the methods and recommendations of the Nanjing Agricultural Bank of China to provide credit for the technology-based SMEs.Through the combination of theory and actual situation,from the perspective of the development of China's scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises,and specifically to the current state of development of Nanjing Agricultural Bank of Science and Technology Bank,this paper concludes that Nanjing Agricultural Bank is implementing technology-based SMEs.In the process of credit model innovation and management,the analysis and judgment of technological capabilities and product risks of SMEs should be strengthened,and the breadth and depth of communication and cooperation with government agencies and other financial institutions should be further enhanced,and multi-sector linkages should be established to jointly improve technology-based enterprises.Credit risk system.
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