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The Fungus Characteristics Associated With The Roots Of Blueberry From Shandong Province And The Mechanisms Of Symbiotic Fungal Inoculation On The Host Plant Growth And Drought Resistance

Posted on:2016-02-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Blueberry(Vaccinium spp.),Ericaceae,Vaccinium,without root hairs,its roots can form mutually beneficial symbiotic structure with fungus in the soil.Because of Annual cultivated blueberry lack of indigenous fungus,growth of blueberry is hindered.In this study,the authors investigated and collected 300 root samples in the fields of 7 blueberry cultivars in Qingdao,Taian?Weihai and Yantai regions of Shandong Province.The mainly investigated blueberry cultivars include Bluecrop,Darrow,Balou,Duke,Berkeley,Gardenblue and Brigitta.We have an isolation,identification,statistication and analysis of endophytic fungi in the roots of cultivated blueberry and species diversity and community composition of endophytic fungi in different areas and different cultivars is clarified and on this basis,the effect of its' inoculation in promoting the growth of blueberry cultivars and drought stress are analyzed.The main points of this study are as follows:1.The soil pH is 4.8 to 7.4 and most of the areas have higher organic matter in soil in Shandong Province..The infect degree of endophytic fungi in cultivated blueberry is high.Different varieties of blueberry have different mycorrhizal infection rate,but all the root have DSE arithmetic.Microsclerotia of varied shapes are also found in the cortex cells of the roots of blueberry.2.Through the root segment culture method and grinding method,the endophytic fungi were isolated.From 7 blueberry cultivars roots of four areas in Shandong province,1345 fungus were isolated.Based on morphological methods and molecular techniques,29 genera were identified,including one genus of Phycomycetes(0.45%),two genera of Basidiomycetes(2.15%),seventeen genera of Ascomycetes(31.16%),nine genera of Fungi Imperfecti(60.82%),the left 5.42%of all isolates were not identified.The results showed that plentiful fungal diversity was present in the roots of cultivated blueberry plant in Shandong Province.Of which the species in Fusarium was the predominant groups of endophtic fungi,its relative isolation frequency was 31.67%.The species of Trichoderma?Penicillium?Cladosporium and Zalerion were the subdominant groups.3.To investigate the effects of benificial fungus(T0 10,T0 16 and M194)on its host plant blueberry,the plant were inoculated in sterile condition.The survival rate,the chlorophyll content,the Chlorophyll fluorescence indicator and the morphological index of blueberry seedlings are compared between plants infected with benificial fungus and those not infected.The results showed that plants became naturally colonized by benificial fungus,however,the intensity of root colonization were different because of different fungi.The growth of blueberry seedlings was remarkably promoted.Compared to the non-inoculation plants,the survival rate,the chlorophyll content,the Chlorophyll fluorescence indicator and the morphological index of blueberry seedlings are increased sinificantly.4.To understand the impact of blueberry seedlings inoculated with DSE drought ability of inoculation DSE blueberry seedlings after drought treatment,drought stress gradient set of four,were 80%of field capacity,60%,40%and 20%,using the known weight method to maintain its moisture content.Drought treatment for 14 days,were measured inoculated and un inoculated blueberry root mycorrhizal infection rate,chlorophyll content of leaves and leaf fluorescence Fv/Fm and Fv/Fo.Under drought stress,the results showed that:(1)have decreased chlorophyll content,but the content of chlorophyll inoculated group than the control group;(2)Fv/Fm decreased,but inoculation group Fv/Fm higher;(3)Fv/Fo also declined,but the inoculated group Fv/Fo also higher;these four sets of data show that inoculation can improve drought resistance blueberries,but later we also need further study.
Keywords/Search Tags:Blueberry, endophytic fungi, diversity, beneficial fungus, growth-promoting, drought resistance
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