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The Research On Sea Buckthorn Wine Malolactic Fermentation Conditions And Characteristics

Posted on:2012-12-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W XingFull Text:PDF
GTID:2381330488495353Subject:Agricultural Products Processing and Storage
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Malolactic fermentation?MLF?is one of indispensable process in cidemaking,which carries out the conversion of malic acid and released CO2.Malolactic fermentation is desirable because it can enhance the organoleptic characteristic of seabuckthorn wine.Oenococcus oeni is the main strain to stimulate MLF,which has a significant benefit for the wine quality.In this research,seabuckthorn wine is used as raw materials;HPLC,GC/MS,amino acid analyzer and others are Detection Methods;conventional chemical index is determined,so are sorts and contents of seabuckthorn wine,volatile components and the variable category and contents of amino acid.In this way,the vinification characteristics of Oenococcus oeni 6057 is systematically studied,and the diversity of seabuckthorn flavor caused by different inoculation time?sequencing fermentation and synchronous fermentation?of malic acid are studied.Besides,based on Oenococcus oeni 6057,the effects on wine quality after MLF by different inoculating concentration of Oenococcus oeni are studied too.This paper focuseson the following aspects:After establishing the craft and parameter of MLF,it finds that by using the sequential fermentation method,the quantity of ethanotic acid is the least one of the three fermentation methods,only increasing 198.08mg/L,and the fermentation temperature is 25?,the inoculating quantity is 8%,the concentration of added SO2 is 30 mg/L,PH is 3.4 that is the most favorable for MLF.Under such a condition,after finishing MLF,the acidity of the wine drops to 9.83 g/L from15.20g/L.The degradation quantity of malic acid is 4588.73 mg/L and the volatile acid quantity is 198.08 mg/L.Under conditions of the technology above,seabuckthorn wine was made with softer mouth-feel and fruity fragrance,tasted better as well.It is concluded that Oenococcus oeni 6057 can finish its MLF within a short time and the volatile acid quantity is lower than national standards through comparing with the variation of total acid pre-and post-MLF and pH,degradation of malic acid,volatile acid,the variation of??and tannin,the variation of gentle dex,variation of organic acid contents.It measures the effects that come from the MLF on ingredients of seabuckthorn wine smell.By experimenting,we find that MLF plays an very important modificatory role in seabuckthorn wine fruity fragrance,and it can increase the fruity fragrance of seabuckthorn wine and promotes the ripening of seabuckthorn wine fragrance.The total contents of sequential fermentation ester is87.37%,which is increased to 13.03%.The total contents of synchronous fermentation ester is70.87%,which falls 3.47%.The contents of sequential fermentation ester is higher than synchronous fermentation ester.Advanced ester contents is about higher 0.18%.The above data provides powerful evidence for sensory evaluation.It measured the effects that came from MLF on amino acid in different inoculating time.It finds that the contents of amino acid that is necessary for human increased to some extent,and the amplitude of sequential fermentation is 0.02%that is higher 0.01%than synchoronic fermentation.MLF that is simulated from Oenococcus oeni 6057 could raise the nutrition of sea buckthorn wine and improve the fragrance of sea buckthorn wine so that improve its quality.In sum,Oenococcus oeni 6057 has the characteristics of excellent MLF.
Keywords/Search Tags:seabuckthorn wine, MLF, Oenococcus oeni, brewing trait, craft
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