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Effects Of Air Conditioning Preservation On Mitochondrial Respiratory Metabolism Related Enzymes In Leaf Lettuce

Posted on:2019-09-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2381330572953714Subject:Food processing and security
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This experiment study the Tibetan resistance difference between different varieties of lettuce,and under the condition of the controlled atmosphere packaging?MAP?for,by electron microscope observation of lettuce and integrity of the mitochondrial membrane structure of mitochondrial respiratory metabolism related enzyme activity test analysis,explore the MAP in the process of postharvest storage in lettuce technology influence on mitochondrial respiratory metabolism,and the effect of MAP technology on lettuce shelf life,to study the MAP technology of lettuce storage organelles during reactive change and mechanism to provide theoretical support.1)In order to analyze the difference of storage resistance of different kinds of lettuce,5 kinds of common lettuce varieties were selected for experiment,and their physiological and biochemical indexes were determined.Results show that the period of storage,storage of five different varieties of lettuce from good to bad sort for:large fast-growing,Rosa red,Rosa green,knot ball,Rome,blade shape from good to bad sort for:spread leafy,ball games,upright,and a smaller percentage of blade thin,soft,stem lettuce,water transpiration fast,water loss fast,strong physiological and biochemical reaction;Lettuce with clustered leaves can better retain water,which is more conducive to reducing its respiration and transpiration,and enhancing its storage resistance.2)In order to determine the best MAP large fast-growing conditions,choose four different kinds of barrier property of packaging materials and four four concentration of O2,CO2 concentration,is filled with inert gases N2,spontaneous gas packaging orthogonal experiment was carried out,through the sensory score and relative conductivity to evaluate its quality.Under the 4±1?refrigerated air packing,measure its various quality indexes.The results show that the low permeability?D?packing material can achieve good preservation effect and delay the aging and deterioration of the texture.The results of Pearson correlation analysis show that sensory evaluation and relative conductivity can be used as the main indexes for the physicochemical quality of lettuce.The quality was evaluated by sensory evaluation and relative conductivity.The results showed that the combination of D packaging materials and 3%O2+10%CO2+87%N2 initial gas ratio could reach the longest 24 d.3)For analysis and research the MAP technology of post harvest large fast-growing mitochondrial respiratory metabolism,with large fast-growing as test materials,through monitoring the sack gas proportion,the determination of reactive oxygen species?ROS?content and composition of radical scavenging enzyme system activity and the change of the enzyme system composition content,at the same time combined with transmission electron microscopy?sem?experiments,observation mitochondria structure integrity.Results show that the application of the MAP can effectively delay the fast-growing oxygen decrease rate,maintain the low oxygen environment,control the rapid increase of respiration intensity,by maintaining a high level of MDH activity,reducing the speed of postharvest large fast-growing the consumption of organic matter,indirectly reduce the membrane damage degree,over a period of time adjust the dynamic balance of ROS,reduce the accumulation of ROS,maintain low O2-,OH-level and higher MDH activity,prevent more ROS stress,maintain the integrity of the mitochondrial structure and function,inhibit enzymatic Browning and corruption process and prolong the shelf life.
Keywords/Search Tags:air conditioning, lettuce, storage quality, mitochondria
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