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Research On Hysteresis Nonlinear Modeling And Control Method For Piezoelectric Actuator

Posted on:2020-02-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y DingFull Text:PDF
GTID:2392330572471024Subject:Mechanical and electrical engineering
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The "Taiji Program in Space" initiated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences is China's autonomous space gravitational wave detection program.Piezoelectric driving materials are used for locking,capturing and releasing test quality because of their advantages of non-magnetic and non-ferromagnetic,high resolution,high rigidity,small volume,low power and quick response.However,piezoelectric materials also have many problems to be solved,and the hysteresis nonlinearity of piezoelectric driving materials has the most significant influence on the control precision of the system.In this paper,based on the characteristics of hysteresis nonlinearity of piezoelectric actuators,a composite control algorithm based on adaptive inverse compensation of MPI model and PI control with attenuation factor optimization is proposed,then modeling and simulating the control method by MATLAB to compensate the piezoelectric actuator.The hysteresis nonlinearity lays the theoretical foundation.This research provide theoretical basis of compensating hysteresis nonlinearity of piezoelectric actuator.The main contents of this paper are:Firstly,Investigated the existing research status and modeling methods of piezoelectric actuator hysteresis nonlinear modeling,and the classification and control methods of piezoelectric actuators,found out the rules and characteristics of piezoelectric actuators.Based on the theory and previous experience,I conclude that the PI model can be used to characterize the hysteresis nonlinearity of a piezoelectric actuator.Secondly,a hysteretic nonlinear model suitable for fast mirrors is built.The classical PI model and the modified MPI model are studied.The MPI model can make up for the shortcomings of the PI model which cannot describe the nonconvex and nonsingular symmetry of the hysteresis loop.The collected experimental data shows that the established MPI model has a root mean square error of less than 0.0344 mrad and a relative error of less than 7.03%.The established model has better accuracy.Third,the adaptive inverse compensation control based on the MPI model is applied to the compensation of the system hysteresis nonlinearity.By the simulation,I found that the adaptive inverse compensation reduces the hysteresis rate of the system from 19.68% to less than 5.16%,which is 72% lower.The adaptive inverse control algorithm has a good compensation effect on the hysteresis nonlinearity of the piezoelectric actuator.Forth,based on the adaptive inverse compensation control,PI control with attenuation factor is added,and compared it to feedforward inverse compensation control and traditional PID control.This compound control method can improve the control effect of adaptive inverse control,reduce the error,reduce the hysteresis rate by adding PI control,and integrate the attenuation factor more than the ordinary PI control to optimize the integral,reduce the system overshoot.Comparing with the hysteresis rate before compensation,the composite algorithm reduces the hysteresis rate from 19% to 0.03%,which is more than 99%.It can be seen that the compensation effect has been significantly improved.The research work in this paper establishes the hysteresis nonlinear model of the piezoelectric actuator and effectively compensates it to reduce the negative effects of the hysteresis nonlinear effect.The theoretical analysis and simulation test prove that the applied algorithm can effectively improve the hysteresis nonlinearity of the piezoelectric actuator,which provides an effective theoretical guarantee for the application of the piezoelectric driving material in the Taiji Program in Space.
Keywords/Search Tags:piezoelectric drive control, hysteresis nonlinearity, MPI model, attenuation factor, PID control
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