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Collaborative Optimization And Research On Vibration Sorter For Dismantling Waste Lead-acid Battery

Posted on:2020-10-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L JinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2392330572478171Subject:Mechanical engineering
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The waste lead-acid batteries accumulated year by year contain a large amount of heavy metal lead,which will pose a great threat to the environment if discarded randomly.As its core material,primary lead resources are increasingly exhausted.From the perspectives of resource utilization,environmental protection and economy,the significance of research on recycling technology of waste lead-acid batteries is fully reflected.By comparing the research status at home and abroad,a pretreatment process for effectively treating the slagging phenomenon in the subsequent smelting process is proposed.Aiming at the problem of separating the tank and the pole group of waste leadacid batteries in the process,the design and collaborative optimization of vibration sorter are studied.The main research contents are as follows:(1)Based on the concept of vibration disassembly and the prototype of vibrating screen,the vibration sorter machine was designed,and the key excitation parameters that meet the disassembly requirements are obtained by the preliminary prototype.But due to the large noise generated by the resonance,the further improvement and optimization of the vibration sorter were required.(2)From the theoretical derivation and virtual prototype simulation,the kinematics analysis of the vibrating sorter is carried out,and the trajectory,start-stop characteristics,local vibration characteristics and collision contact state of the body and battery are evaluated.And the idea of using the amplitude-frequency characteristic to obtain the resonance interval to evaluate the resonance in modal analysis is proposed.(3)Using the finite element technique to analyze the static and dynamic characteristics of the vibrating sorter.The structural strength and mass obtained by static analysis are regarded as the static characteristic targets;the third natural frequency obtained by modal analysis is regarded as the dynamic characteristic target,while the first two natural frequencies are regarded as the dynamic characteristic constraint;harmonic response analysis is used to assess the dangerous conditions of resonance-induced structural strength.(4)Taking static and dynamic characteristics as objective variables,a multi-objective intelligent collaborative optimization method is proposed.Sensitivity analysis provides high-impact design variables,collaborative optimization models can deal with multidisciplinary decision-making problems,and intelligent optimization processes can obtain the best combination of approximation models and optimization algorithms.The results show that the combination of elliptic basis neural network and particle swarm optimization(EBF-PSO optimization method)has the highest fitting precision and optimization effect.And the effectiveness and reliability of the optimization results and methods are verified by error analysis and reliability analysis.
Keywords/Search Tags:vibration sorter, static and dynamic characteristics analysis, neural networks, particle swarm optimization(PSO), collaborative optimization
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