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The Analysis Research Of 9-26 Centrifugal Fan And Blade Profiles Baesd On CFD Numerical Simulation

Posted on:2019-07-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J N YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2392330572496004Subject:Chemical Process Equipment
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Centrifugal fan is an important fluid machinery,which is extensively applicate in various production fields.It occupies a very significant position in national economy and daily life.Meanwhile,Centrifugal fan consumes huge energy resources.Therefore,researching and improving its performance has a great significance for energy saving and emission reduction.This paper will analyze the aerodynamic performance of 9-26-10D centrifugal fan by numerical simulation.To find optimal operating point and improve its working efficiency,this paper will research the methods of optimized design of original fan blade pattern.This paper will take 9-26-10D centrifugal fan as the research object to introduce its construction and operating principle.At the same time,it will ascertain the methods of mesh division and numerical simulation.The author will build model by CAD software and use Ansys Workbench Meshing software to divide mesh.Meanwhile,this paper will use numerical simulation to calculate the fan in some situations by FLUENT 17.0 software.Above that,we can find optimal operating point is near the air volume Q=19000 m~3/h and analyze the inside fan,including the flow field,total pressure and the distribution of absolute velocity.We also can learn about the influence on its performance parameter when the flow of centrifugal fan has changes,and it can optimize the research of original fan blade pattern.On the basis of a reasonable numerical simulation method,several kinds of design scheme for fan blade profile modification are proposed.And the numerical simulation calculation of the fan model in the reform design scheme is carried out again.This paper will compare the numerical simulation results of each design scheme and obtain the working characteristic curve of the centrifugal fan,choosing the better design scheme to optimize the blade profile of the fan.The maximum working efficiency of the optimized fan is increased from 79.51%to 82.38%.
Keywords/Search Tags:Centrifugal fan, Numerical simulation, Grid partition, Optimal design, Blade profiles
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