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Design And Performance Research Of High Speed Hydraulic Rotating Joint Experimental System

Posted on:2020-01-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The high-speed hydraulic rotary joint experimental system is an experimental equipment for testing high-speed rotary joints on wind turbines.By simulating the actual environment when the rotary joints work,the performance tests of the rotary joints are completed to shorten the development cycle,save development costs,and improve reliability.The purpose of sex and success rate.With the development of modern industry,the demand for high-precision,high-speed rotary joint experimental system is urgent.Because the working environment of high-speed rotary joint is special,the existing experimental equipment can't meet the needs of its testing,especially the high speed required during the test.The problem of the experimental environment has not been well resolved.In addition,the experimental system automation control and experimental data real-time acquisition have higher requirements,this paper is based on the actual needs of high-speed rotary joint experimental system for research.This paper analyzes the basic working principle and basic structure of the high-speed hydraulic rotary joint experimental system,and clarifies the key problems existing in the rotary joint experimental system.Based on the review of a large number of domestic and foreign literatures,the research status of the hydraulic test system is special.It is the research results of the rotary joint experimental system,and the task of this subject is determined.In this paper,AMESim simulation software is used to build a dynamic simulation model of high-speed hydraulic rotary joint experimental system.The influence of eccentricity caused by machining error and partial load on test accuracy is studied.The most suitable weighting method is selected for high-speed rotating part,and the simulation data is utilized.Find the most suitable machining error,and verify the resonance of the modal analysis by the finite element software.The high-speed hydraulic rotary joint experimental system developed by the servo motor drives the rotary joint to rotate.During the experiment,the maximum speed can reach 1500r/min or even higher by adjusting the speed of the servo motor,turning the rotary joint,and adjusting the steering.The designed hydraulic system is used to provide a load to the experimental system to simulate the actual working environment of the rotary joint.For the use requirements of the experimental system,the PLC is used to complete the design of the control system program to realize the control of the switching quantity of the experimental system.Using various sensors to complete the measurement of experimental parameters,select the data acquisition card to complete the analog acquisition,and transfer it to the upper computer.Through the upper computer software LabVIEW,the design of the upper computer operation interface is completed,and the upper computer control and experimental data of the experimental system are realized.The upper computer displays.The high-speed hydraulic rotary joint experimental system studied in this paper can be used for testing various types of rotary joints of machine fluid and electro-hydraulic.It is also applicable to the test of the same type of low-speed rotary joint within the adjustable speed range.
Keywords/Search Tags:High-speed hydraulic rotary joint, Experimental system, AMESim, PLC
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