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On-line Optimal Dispatch Of Independent Community Microgrid Based On Multi-agent Approach

Posted on:2020-06-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L FengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2392330590960986Subject:Electrical engineering
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Microgrid is an important part of future power system,and also a hot issue that attracts much attention at present.For some underdeveloped area,local renewable resources are used to build the independent economical microgrid system as well as an optimal dispatch method for demand side management and energy storage scheduling is proposed,which can be an effective solution to the power shortage situation.Considering the distributed cooperative characteristics of Multi-Agent technology,its application in microgrid will be a major research trend in the future.In this thesis,the author regards the independent community microgrid as the research object.After introducing Multi-Agent technology into the study of microgrid,an on-line optimal dispatch method for independent community microgrid based on Multi-Agent is proposed.Multi-Agent technology regards each device and load as an independent autonomous and interactive Agent which can realize its own management through cooperation.On the micro level,the Agents are classified and functionally designed.On the macro level,the Multi-Agent models of hierarchical control and decentralized control for independent community microgrid are established according to different Multi-Agent implementation modes.The on-line optimal dispatch based on Multi-Agent hierarchical control is realized by information summary and negotiation.The superior Agents make the corresponding scheduling scheme according to certain dispatch policy,which offers each agent an instruction to adjust the running state of the local equipment.An optimization model of load-shedding distribution based on the continuous knapsack problem is established and solved by greedy algorithm,which develops an optimal load removal scheme for the customers.According to a microgrid system example,simulation results show that the on-line optimal dispatch can correct the error between the day-ahead dispatch and the actual operating state.In order to realize the dispatch method in a more suitable way,the method is improved from three aspects: implementation mode,modeling solution and network structure.A method of on-line optimal dispatch based on Multi-Agent decentralized control is proposed.In this method,all the Agents are equal.The functional Agents are activated and invoked by device Agents,and finally implement the management of the devices.An optimization model of load-shedding distribution based on 0-1 knapsack problem is established and solved by dynamic programming.Considering the network structure,the removal with long electrical distance from the source is preferentially chosen,which designs the load removal plan executed by load Agent.Finally the simulation of a local microgrid example in Pakistan proves that the method can correct the dispatch error and realize the accurate load-shedding operation to the household.At present,there are still not many researches about the application of Multi-Agent technology in microgrid dispatch,so the method in this thesis can be regarded as a guidance and reference for dispatch of independent microgrid.The thesis is summarized and prospected at the end,and the further practical value is expected to be excavated.
Keywords/Search Tags:microgrid, optimal dispatch, Multi-Agent technology, independent community microgrid, load optimal distribution
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