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Research On Micro-grid Emergy Optimal Dispatch Based On Multi-agent

Posted on:2021-04-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J B HouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2392330611482813Subject:Electric power system and its automation
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With the construction of high proportion renewable energy power system,more and more microgrids are connected to active distribution networks.How to effectively deal with energy coordination among multiple microgrids has become a hot issue.This thesis will adopt a micro-grid energy optimal scheduling method based on the multi-agent hybrid interconnection model to improve the economy of active distribution network energy scheduling.Based on the structure of the active distribution network and the research status at home and abroad,this thesis introduces the current situation of the optimal dispatch of the active distribution network and the existing hot issues.Explore the basic structure of a single microgrid and the interconnection structure between the microgrid and the active distribution network.Analyze the mathematical models and cost functions of several distributed generation units in the microgrid structure to provide a research basis for the subsequent chapters based on multi-agent system energy optimal scheduling.Aiming at the control structure based on the multi-agent system,the layered interconnection cannot realize the energy flow between micro-grids,so a multi-agent interconnection method with a hybrid control structure is adopted.In this system,a hierarchical interconnection,distributed interconnection and hierarchical interconnection are applied for between the active distribution network and the microgrid cluster,the internal microgrid cluster and the internal microgrid,respectively.On the basis of setting objective function and constraint function for the distributed power generation unit in the microgrid,the microgrid under a single agent will consider energy interaction with other microgrids,and establish infrastructure for microgrid cluster optimal dispatch.Aiming at the two control objectives of the maximum profit of the power grid company and the minimum environmental cost,a simulated annealing genetic algorithm is adopted.Combining genetic algorithms with improved genetic operators and simulated annealing algorithms,the thesis encoded the microgrid and distributed generation unit,initialized the population,calibrated the fitness function and set the simulated annealing operating parameters,and the algorithm convergence has been verified.The dispatching methods of the microgrid internal,distribution network and microgrid were able to be optimized by the algorithm.Under the IEEE33 node system,this thesis uses three different scheduling methods for simulation analysis.The simulation results show that in the multi-agent control structure,the communication interconnection and energy interaction between the microgrid and the microgrid can effectively reduce the environmental costs and increase the profits of grid company.
Keywords/Search Tags:microgrid, multi-agent, active distribution network, optimal dispatch, cost and benefit
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