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Study On Fault Location Of Distribution Network Based On Improved Matrix Algorithm

Posted on:2021-04-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y X GaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2392330605471703Subject:Electrical engineering
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Distribution network fault section location technology is a troubleshooting,restore power to the fault zone and the important means to enhance the reliability of power supply with the vigorous development of the construction of distribution network,the network structure is becoming more and more complex,brings challenges to fault location technology at home and abroad in this paper,through the analysis on the current situation of distribution network fault section locating method and shortage,mainly for single-phase grounding and interphase short circuit fault type,fault section locating the improved matrix algorithm is put forward,and in the presence of fault information distortion,combined with intelligent optimization algorithm is optimized.First,this paper studies the distribution network fault location,the basic principle of the traditional localization algorithm of basic distribution network fault location analysis results show that the traditional algorithm can play a role in troubleshooting in the distribution network positioning,but in the scope of operation efficiency fully necessity and fault tolerance,etc have many deficiencies.Secondly,for interphase short circuit fault,this paper proposes a feeder sections status and alarm switch node causal relationship matrix algorithm,this algorithm can improve the distribution of the open loop and closed loop under the two states,can quickly and accurately to complex distribution network fault location by single power T wiring and three power distribution network,two examples to verify the improved matrix algorithm adaptability good accuracy and real-time performance.Then,in view of the single-phase earth fault,according to different neutral grounding mode,the collection and the different characteristics of zero sequence component values form the fault information matrix to the neutral point grounding system,collection of zero sequence current and zero sequence voltage phase relationship formed fault information matrix to the neutral point via arc suppression coil grounded system,the zero sequence current fault information matrix was formed by identifying changes after conversion unified criterion is put forward,the correctness of this method is verified by the simulation analysis.Finally,this paper proposes a optimization distribution network fault location method based on improved matrix algorithm which optimizes the collection to determine the optimization variables.The multi-objective optimization model is constructed,which can effectively solve the problem of the alarm information distortion switch node in power supply of distribution network as an example.This method was verified in the multiple fault alarm information distortion more feeder under different circumstances,such as adaptability has good fault tolerance and real-time performance.
Keywords/Search Tags:distribution network, improved matrix algorithm, fault location optimization, fault tolerance
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