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Design Of Portable Raman Spectrometer System Based On Zynq Processor And Linear CCD

Posted on:2021-05-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J T DongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2392330623467351Subject:Control engineering
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At present,there are problems of imperfect testing technology and backward equipment in our country.The Raman spectrum technology is widely used for it can analyze and identify various substances according to the spectral curve with high accuracy,no damage,no invasion and fast speed.Compared with the traditional large-scale Raman spectrometer,portable Raman spectrometer can meet the needs of hand-held and real-time detection,which has become a research hotspot in the field of current Raman spectrometer.This paper first analyzes the related principles and techniques of Raman spectroscopy theory,portable Raman spectrometer system,CCD detector and Zynq platform.A cross-asymmetric portable Raman spectrometer based on Zynq platform and holographic grating is designed.The main work and achievements of this paper are summarized as follows:(1)Design of spectroscopic optical system based on holographic grating: A cross-asymmetric C-T spectroscopic optical system based on holographic grating is designed.Then using ZEMAX simulation software to verify the feasibility of optical system.Finally,the mechanical structure model of spectrometer is made by Solidworks software according to the simulation results.(2)Design of hardware circuit and driving software for spectrum acquisition system: Based on the demand analysis of hardware system,the long-time integrated linear CCD camera based on Hamamatsu S11155-2048-02 is designed independently,which includes Zynq core processing module,circuit of CCD control module and related driving software.(3)The construction,debugging and analysis of Raman spectrometer system: Firstly,the debugging of the linear CCD hardware circuit is completed,and the video signal output by CCD is debugged and analyzed.Secondly,the spectroscopic optical system is built to complete the accurate installation of each optical component,and the spectrometer is wavelength-calibrated by polynomial curve fitting method.Finally,the whole Raman spectrometer system is built to qualitatively and quantitatively analyze the anhydrous ethanol sample.The Raman peaks of samples can be obtained effectively under the condition of long integration time and weak signal,which fully verified the validity of the design.
Keywords/Search Tags:portable Raman spectrometer, zynq platform, cross-asymmetric C-T structure, linear CCD
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