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Research On Wireless Energy Transmission Technology Based On Magnetic Resonance

Posted on:2020-05-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J ZhengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2392330626451314Subject:Electronic and communication engineering
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With the development of society,people's demand for electric energy is increasing day by day,and the disadvantages of traditional power transmission mode are increasingly obvious.In order to keep up with the new power demand of different days and months,radio energy transmission technology has come into being.Since its launch,radio energy transmission technology has received high attention from all walks of life,which will undoubtedly be the development trend of power transmission in the future.In this disseration,the modeling and application of magnetic coupling resonant wireless energy transmission technology are discussed.This technology can realize wireless energy transmission at medium distance with relatively high transmission efficiency,so it is widely used in various fields.In the research,it is found that the output power of the magnetic-coupled resonant wireless energy transmission system will change with the spatial position of the transmission coil.However,in the actual use scenario,the constant power is required.In this disseration,an adaptive control scheme of radio energy transmission is proposed to guarantee the constant output power.The main contents of this paper are as follows:(1)The development history of radio energy transmission technology is introduced in detail,and several modes of radio energy transmission are briefly introduced.The application prospect of the technology is shown by combining the research results in this field at home and abroad.(2)The modeling of the magnetic-coupled resonant wireless energy transmission system is carried out.The influences of frequency,load and other factors on the transmission characteristics of the system are emphatically studied through Matlab simulation,and the conditions for obtaining the optimal transmission power are given.(3)Combined with the previous research on transmission characteristics,a design scheme of magnetic-coupling resonant radio energy transmission system with adaptive adjustment to achieve constant output power is formally proposed,and the experimental platform is set up for demonstration.Finally,the adaptive output constant power is realized in the range of 4cm.
Keywords/Search Tags:Wireless energy transmission, Magnetic coupling resonance, Circuit realization, Constant power output
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