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Energy Management Optimization Method For Smart Home And Smart Parking Lot Considering Electric Vehicle

Posted on:2021-01-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2392330626466243Subject:Electrical engineering
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Oil dependence,gasoline cost and air pollution all promote the use of electric vehicles in the future transportation sector.However,the emergence of electric vehicles has a huge impact on various fields,especially the utility.After a large-scale electric vehicle enters the market,as an emerging power load,its uncontrolled charging and discharging behavior may exacerbate the peak load of local utility and increase the pressure of local distribution lines.The above problems will be a challenge for the existing power system.With the continuous development of charging and discharging technology,the orderly charging and discharging of electric vehicles will become possible.A useful and reasonable electric vehicle scheduling method can not only effectively suppress load fluctuations of the utility,but also bring environmental and economic benefits.Therefore,this paper proposes two scheduling methods,which are applicable to the intelligent home including a single electric vehicle and the intelligent parking lot including a large number of electric vehicles.The main works are as follows:As the last link of an integrated future energy system,the smart home energy management system is critical for consumers to intelligently and conveniently manage the use of their domestic appliances,renewable energies generation,energy storage system,and electric vehicle.This paper proposes a holistic model to center the preference of users when scheduling the involved physical equipment of different natures.Further,a charging and discharging optimization strategy designed for both the energy storage system and the electric vehicle provides a better flexibility and economic advantage for the smart home,and prolongs the life of the batteries.Based on the mixed integer linear programming and the proposed model,the energy schedule of the smart home can be derived to guarantee both the lowest cost and the comfort for the users.An illustrative case study is employed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.Aiming at the research on the intelligent scheduling of a large number of electric vehicles,this paper first builts an optimal model of the intelligent parking lot equipped with renewable energy,energy storage system,charging pile and electric vehicles based on the mixed integer linear programming method.The time-of-use price is used to guide the energy transaction between the intelligent parking lot and the utility,in which the electric vehicles will be allowed to participate in the vehicle-to-grid plan to improve the flexibility and reliability of the system operation.Then,in order to promote the nearby consumption of renewable energy and take into account the economics of parking lot,a strategy is developed to manage the charging and discharging of the energy storage system and electric vehicles,so as to make full use of the generation of renewable energy.Based on the above model and the strategy,an optimal scheduling method for intelligent parking lot is proposed to achieve the control goal of minimizing parking lot costs and meet the charging demands of electric vehicle users.Finally,the simulation results not only verify the effectiveness and economics of the proposed method,but also illustrate the contribution of this method in helping the utility to cut peaks and fill valleys.
Keywords/Search Tags:Electric vehicles, Smart energy management, Mixed integer linear programming, Renewable energy, Energy storage system
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