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A Report On The Translation Of A Short History Of Gardens(Chapter Four&Eight)

Posted on:2019-03-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Gardens take many forms,and have a variety of functions.Globally,gardens have inspired,comforted,and sustained people from all walks of life,and have also enlightened great artists,poets,musicians,and writers.The gardens of Italy,France and Britain are outstanding representatives of Western gardens.China now is experiencing a rapid development in gardens.The translation of A Short History of Gardens helps to introduce the courses,concepts and functions of different landscapes into China.Moreover,it's of high theoretical value and practical significance for China's construction of Landscape Architecture.The book is a nonfiction work.The language of Landscape Architecture is highly technical and professional,which requires the translator to ensure the accuracy,professionalism and readability of the translation.Therefore,the translator adopts the method of combining literal translation with free translation,striving to convey the information of the original text faithfully and fluently.The report mainly consists of four parts.The first part is a description of the translation task,consisting of an introduction to the significance of the subject,the source material,the author and the book.The second part is a description of the translation process,including the preparations for the translation and revisions.As the most important part,the third part is about case analysis on the level of lexis,syntax,discourse and punctuation.The last part is a summary of translation,which includes the translator's reflections and the demands to be a professional translator.Through this translation practice,the translator realizes that translation is not a simple process about language conversion but the cultural exchange,and recognizes the deficiencies in language skills,garden-related knowledge,and cultural differences.In the future practice,more efforts should be made to further improve bilingual ability,broaden the scope of knowledge,and make full use of information resources to lay a solid foundation for translation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Gardens, English-Chinese Translation, Case Analysis
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