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A Report On The Translation Of A Brief History Of Gardens Chapter 3 (Selected)

Posted on:2019-01-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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A garden is a space that integrates visiting,rest and living together.It is a manifestation of human pursuit of nature.The translation material was selected from the third chapter,the introduction and the postscript of A Short History of Gardens,a book written by professor Gordon Campbell of the University of Leicester,UK.This book introduces the development history of gardens around the world according to chronological order.The text is rich in content,concise in language.Besides,it is documentary and interesting.The third chapter introduces the history of Chinese gardens of this book and by translating this chapter,it is possible to reflect the Westerners' understanding of the history of Chinese gardens and to promote the exchange of garden culture and art between China and the West.This translation practice report mainly consists of four parts,namely translation task description,translation process description,translation case analysis and practice summary.And the main problems encountered are the translation difficulties in the field of gardening and historical culture.To solve the difficulties,the translator,guided by the functional equivalence theory of Eugene Nida,a representative of the Functional School,translates the material by adopting translation methods,such as voice conversion,long sentence decomposition,literal translation,free translation,and amplification.Combining typical cases,the translator analyzes the difficulties in the text from the lexical,syntactic,punctuation,and textual levels,and strives to accurately and faithfully convey the original information.Through this translation practice,the translator recognizes that when translating garden texts,we should pay attention to the historical and cultural background of them and learn to use translation tools and parallel texts to solve difficulties in translation,and that the expression must be accurate and professional.
Keywords/Search Tags:Gardens, Translation Skills, Case Analysis
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