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A Study On The Application Of The Continuation Task To English Writing Instruction In Senior High School

Posted on:2019-05-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As one of the most basic language skills,writing reflects the learners' ability to use language comprehensively,which is an indispensable part of English learning.However,the present situation of English writing in senior high school needs to be improved.Actually,the relationship between reading and writing in English teaching is the relationship between language input and output.Thus,Wang Churning put forward the continuation task,which aims to improve the students' writing ability by allowing students to write down the end of the article.At present,the study on the influence of continuation task on student' English writing is mainly applied in universities.However,there is little mentioned in senior high school English writing teaching,especially the study on the influence of continuation task on student' critical thinking in senior high school.Therefore,this paper aims to study the effect of continuation task on students'critical thinking ability and writing ability in senior high school.This study tries to answer these two research questions:(1)In what aspects does the continuation task influence students' English writing in senior high school?(2)What are the students' attitudes toward the continuation task?Participants in this study mainly include students and the researcher.In this study,there are totally 60 students,who are the students of two classes in Grade One from Machong senior high school in Guangdong province.One class with 30 students,who have used the continuation task training during the research,is the experiment group;while the other class with 30 students,who have accepted the product approach during the research,is assigned as the control group.Research instruments include writing test and two questionnaires.Before the experiment,all the students in experiment group and control group had a pre-test,in order to make sure that there was no significant difference in these two group 's writing performance(t =.161,df= 58,p =.873>.05).The study lasted for 14 weeks.The researcher conducted statistical analysis of students' writing and questionnaires;the researcher reached the following conclusions:First and foremost,the continuation task had a significant influence on the students' writing performance and critical thinking ability.On the one hand,the overall writing level of the students in the experiment group has been significantly improved.The mean score of the experiment group increases from 9.60 to 12.30,and the P-value is.000.On the other hand,after the continuation task training,the students' critical thinking has been improved greatly.The mean score of the students' critical thinking disposition in the experiment group before the experiment is 282.07,but after the experiment,the mean score of the students' critical thinking disposition in the experiment group is 303.17.It is obvious that compared with the score before the experiment,the holistic critical thinking disposition level is advanced by 21.10.The P-value is 0.001,which proves that the continuation task can improve the students'critical thinking.Secondly,the continuation task has improved the students' self-confidence and interest.Students feel that the writing class is not as monotonous as before.Students are willing to accept the continuation task and they like this new writing teaching method.The teaching implications in this study are presented.Teachers should fully choose interesting materials to motivate the students' learning interests.Teachers should combine reading and writing in English writing class.Teachers should enlighten students' critical thinking by the continuation task.
Keywords/Search Tags:Continuation task, English writing in senior high school, Students' score, Critical thinking
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