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The Application Of Relating Method In Elementary Chinese Text-writing Teaching

Posted on:2019-10-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y P DangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2405330566974975Subject:Chinese international education
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In the field of language teaching,the common strategy is dividing the language into listening?speaking?reading and writing four skills.Most Chinese university which provide the Chinese language teaching course obtain the strategy.According to the present situation,the development of the four skills is not balanced,the students who learn Chinese are weaker in writing.There are three main reasons why students are weak in text-writing.One is that the teachers who teach Chinese in elementary class are short of text-teaching consciousness.The others are there are no authority text-writing teaching instruction and practical teaching methods.And therefore,in order to improve the ability of elementary students' text-writing,the teachers should strengthen the text-teaching consciousness,overcome the lack of textwriting teaching materials in text-books,and teach the students the writing and usage of Chinese punctuation and the rules of text cohesion in Chinese through the relating method.This thesis starts with the problems of text-writing teaching in elementary class and retrospects the research achievements in Chinese text-writing teaching.The suggestions are put forwarded that the Chinese teachers of elementary class strengthen the text-teaching consciousness and teach the students fundamental text cohesion in Chinese.In the thesis,the relating method is introduced in its theory basis and how to carry out the exercise.By counting and analyzing the errors in the students' texts,we discuss the benefits of relating exercise to promote the students' writing ability.Furthermore,the students' attitude and cognition towards the relating exercise are measured by a questioner.
Keywords/Search Tags:Elementary Chinese Text-writing Teaching, the Relating Method, the Text-teaching Consciousness, Errors in Text-writing
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