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Analysis Of Text Errors And Teaching Strategies By Primary And Intermediate American Students' Chinese Writing

Posted on:2018-12-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F NiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2335330542963385Subject:Chinese international education
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In the process of developing TCSL(Teaching Chinese as a Second Language),more and more scholars of Chinese language notice the importance of text expression,but the textual teaching is still a weak link in the whole Chinese teaching,the study of text error is also inadequate.In this thesis,American students at primary level and intermediate level are our research object.Through examples and diagrams,we analyzed the textual cohesion and semantic coherence errors in students' composition,and try to find out the specific problems and influencing factors,then aimed at these errors and reasons to put forward some corresponding strategies.Hope that we can provide some useful reference on American students' Chinese text teaching and take their Chinese writing ability further.The whole thesis is divided into six parts.The introduction part introduces the topic's background and significance,the research summary of the predecessors,the research methods and the corpus sources.The first chapter tells us the text theories and explains the importance of textual cohesion and coherence.From the second chapter to the fourth chapter is the main part of the thesis,we inspect American students' text errors from two aspects,namely cohesion and semantic coherence.And in our opinion,the influence factors come from internal and external two aspects--the learners themselves and the teaching environment.Then according to the results of investigation,we proposed some specific text teaching strategies and suggestions.The last part is a conclusion,we summarized the main ideas,and pointed out the deficiencies as well.
Keywords/Search Tags:American students, text, error analysis, teaching strategies
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