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A Comparative Study On Practice System Of Senior High School English Textbooks Between NSEFC And NSE Guided By The New English Curriculum Standard

Posted on:2020-02-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Textbooks are the main source of gaining knowledge for students,they are able to make students' mind further,while the practice system of the textbook can be the key of it.The settings of valuable questions in practice system can have a crucial function to promote students' cognitive development,therefore the study on the practice system in textbook can be particular important to promote teachers' effective teaching and students' English learning.But the researches about the practice system home and broad are few,the comparative studies are rather barren,in terms of the status quo,the author conducts a research on English practice system,which achieved the perspective conversion and methods innovation.Guided by the New English Curriculum Standard(2003)(NECS),the thesis takes the Revised Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives and Vygotsky's Zone of Proximal Development as its theoretical basis,the author compares and analyzes the practice system form static and dynamic aspects in two different versions English textbooks,which apply widely in nowadays senior high school English teaching.First,the thesis uses the methods of literature review,and comparative study to make a static comparative study to the practice system from the dimensions of cognitive process and knowledge.Next,the thesis makes a study from dynamic perspective by using the methods of questionnaires,interview and classroom observation.Comparing and analyzing the statistics produced from the practical teaching in the two different versions English textbooks to make the study more accurate and scientific.Three questions will be discussed in the thesis as follows:1.What are the similarities and differences of the practice system between the two sets of textbooks from two dimensions of the Revised Bloom's Taxonomy and how the two sets of textbooks implement the NECS(2003)?2.Which aspects of ability the practice system in two textbooks particularly cultivate in the practical teaching and whether its functions are exerted effectively?3.What are the respective merits of the two sets of textbooks in the practical teaching ?The thesis finds that the practice system in the two sets of textbooks both implement the NECS(2003)well and can be exerted effectively in the practical teaching.From the dimensions of cognitive process,the settings of practice system in the two sets of textbooks both have more exercises cultivate lower-order thinking and fewer exercises cultivate higher-order thinking.From the dimensions of knowledge,both of the practice system in the textbooks focus on the cultivation of students' various abilities and the master of the factual knowledge.However,the two sets of textbooks have different inclinations.The NSEFC Book 1 prefers to cultivate students' mastery of application ability of the grammar,while the NSE Book 1 prefers to cultivate students' ability of English learning and strategies.In practical teaching,theteacher who uses the NSEFC Book 1 pays more attention to the explanation of factual knowledge,procedural knowledge and metacognitive knowledge exercises,while the teacher who uses the NSE Book 1 concentrates more on the exercises which can cultivate students' ability of speaking and expressions,writing,reading and the application of grammar,especially the learning of metacognitive knowledge.The functions of practice system in the two sets of textbooks are both exerted effectively.Both of the textbooks have their respective merits and shortcomings,the users,editors and managers of textbooks at school should know them sufficiently,and appropriately choose textbooks and adjust reasonably according to the teaching practice in order to make better use of them and increase the quality of high school English teaching.
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