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Research On Jiangxi Root Carving Art

Posted on:2020-12-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M L DuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2415330578981954Subject:Art theory
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Root carving,which belongs to wood carving,is a meaningful visual image formed by artificial carving using some primitive natural form of roots.The root carving integrates the shape of the root,the spirit and the creator's will and feelings.It advocates nature and returns to its original state.It is a plastic art that expresses social life.Jiangxi root carving art was formed in Sui and Tang dynasties.Through continuous integration and development,it gradually formed its own style and features,with unique aesthetic value." Seven points are natural,three points are artificial" is its creation creed.Jiangxi's root carving art,which has been accumulated over a long period of history,has unique aesthetic features of root carving art,including its " strange" shape,profound " rhyme",exquisite workmanship and mysterious " wonderful" senses.Root carving is a unique ecological art form with mysterious artistic charm.The root carving art is mostly based on Chinese traditional culture and is created for the second time.Therefore,the appreciation of root carving art must be combined with corresponding classical theories,such as the natural view of Tao,the view of harmony between man and nature,the view of taking images from objects,the view of form and spirit,etc.In theoretical research,works are mostly relied on and further analyzed.Jiangxi root carving,as a branch of Chinese root carving,fully shows the diversity of root carving aesthetics,and Jiangxi root carving enriches and develops the diversity of Chinese root carving aesthetics with its own characteristics.The inheritance and development of Jiangxi root carving must abandon the small workshop management and find a new production mode.Cultural and creative industries are the economic model of the tertiary industry that has emerged in recent years.Guangfeng and yujiang county are taking shape and have successfully established a business model of cultural and creative industries with wood carving and root carving as the main industries.Wood carving will drive the sustainabledevelopment of root carving,and the government will drive the healthy development of root carving art,with equal emphasis on inheritance and development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Jiangxi Root Carving, Aesthetics, Artistic value
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