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An Error Analysis Of Text Grammatical Cohesive Devices For Intermediate And Advanced Mongolian Students

Posted on:2020-04-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Q DuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2415330596970465Subject:Chinese as a Foreign Language
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With the gradual rise of the study of Chinese as a foreign language,many relevant theoretical results have been applied in the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language,especially the writing teaching of foreign students.In the actual Chinese writing teaching for Mongolian students,we found that most intermediate and advanced Mongolian students are weak in Chinese textual construction,especially in the context of textual cohesion,which restricts their ability to improve their Chinese writing to a certain extent.Based on the theory of textual cohesion,this paper cuts into the perspective of textual grammatical cohesive devices,and takes the intermediate and advanced students whose mother tongue is Mongolian as the main research object.The paper selects the usual and exam-oriented Chinese essays of the students of D University College of Liberal Arts and the test essays in the HSK dynamic composition corpus of Beijing Language and Culture University as the research corpus.By analyzing the essays of Mongolian students,we find out the students' errors in using grammatical cohesive devices,then summarize the types and characteristics of their errors,and explain the causes of errors.Finally,we propose reasonable teaching suggestions for the reasons of errors formation.The author hopes that through the research of this paper,Mongolian students can further understand and master the grammatical cohesive devices,and write a smooth and consistent article.In addition to the introduction and conclusion,the main text consists of four parts.The introduction mainly summarizes the background of the topic,the significance of the research,the research status,the research methods and the source of the corpus.The first part of the text is to define and divide related terms,and to briefly introduce the theoretical basis related to this paper.The second part is based on the existing classification of grammatical cohesive devices in previous research results.This paper makes a statistical analysis of textual cohesion errors in the compositions of intermediate and advanced Mongolian students mainly from four aspects: reference,substitution,ellipsis and conjunction.And then summarizing the types and characteristics of their errors.The third part is to explore the causes of errors,which are summarized from five aspects: negative transfer of mother tongue,negative transfer of target language knowledge,improper use of avoidance strategies,weak awareness of learning textual cohesion knowledge and adverse effects of learning environment.The fourth part is based on the reasons of the formation of errors,combined with the current situation of Chinese writing teaching for Mongolian students,from the three perspectives of textbook writing,teacher teaching and student learning to provide targeted teaching suggestions for Mongolian students to acquire grammatical cohesive devices.The conclusion part reviews and summarizes the content discussed in this paper,and points out the shortcomings of the research.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mongolian students, Text, Grammatical cohesive devices, Error analysis, Teaching suggestions
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