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Research Of Regional Culture On Malaqinfu's Novels

Posted on:2021-01-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Regional culture refers to the unique cultural tradition that still exists and plays a role in a specific area after a long period of time.It constructs the unique discourse connotation of the novel to a certain extent,affects the aesthetic choice of creation,and also shapes the spiritual character of the writer.Malaqinfu,a writer in Inner Mongolia,pioneered the prairie novels of our country and devoted great efforts to the literature of ethnic minorities.Most of his novels are based on Inner Mongolia grassland,depicting the life picture of Inner Mongolia grassland people with sincere and delicate strokes,from which the profound regional cultural connotation as well as the thinking and reflection in line with the spirit of the times are permeated.This paper studies from the following aspects.The first chapter is the introduction part of the paper,mainly from the research background,research purpose and significance,research status,research methods and concept definition to lay a solid foundation for the paper and discuss the feasibility of the research.The second chapter is the presentation of regional culture in Malaqinfu's novels,combing and analyzing the relevant contents of regional culture in his novels,including the natural features of Inner Mongolia grassland full of fortitude and purity,rich and mellow customs and culture,rich in regional language with grassland characteristics,and Inner Mongolia People's indomitable,simple and generous,optimistic and open-minded character.The third chapter explores the reason why Malaqinfu's novels present regional culture.In the first section,the author digs out his deep native complex and spiritual imprint in a specific context from the perspective of personal experience,so that he can achieve more empathic experience with grassland people,present the regional culture of Inner Mongolia grassland in the novel,and express the theme of revealing spiritual trauma and praising new life.The second section interprets the influence of Sholokhov's grassland novel creation on the direction of Malaqinfu's creation.The third section explains that Malaqinfu has always been adhering to the creative concept of deep life and rooted in life.Based on the Inner Mongolia grassland,he accumulates creative materials in life,and effectively reflects the overall face of the region from multiple aspects.The fourth chapter analyzes the deep meaning of regional culture from the perspective of humanistic concern.While drawing the panorama of the region,Malaqinfu also views the dialectical relationship between the traditional regional culture and the spirit of the times from a rational perspective.His ecological concept of Inner Mongolia grassland people advocating nature is more enlightening today.The conclusion part is a summary of the full text.Generally speaking,on the one hand,the regional culture in Malaqinfu's novels shows the diversified charm of Inner Mongolia grassland to the readers,on the other hand,it also shows the profound cultural connotation and valuable literary value of his novels.
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