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The Research Of Revolutionary Discourses In The Novels Of Malaqinfu

Posted on:2019-11-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2405330569496195Subject:Chinese Ethnic Language and Literature
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Malaqinfu is one of the most successful Mongolian writers in the history of Chinese contemporary literature.A prominent feature of his literary works is closely related to the Chinese revolution,the national liberation of the Mongolian nationality and the national progress,and thus the distinctive revolutionary discourse has been constructed.Based on textual analysis,this paper combines the changes of contemporary Chinese history,This paper discusses the revolutionary discourse of Malaqinfu novels,thus mastering the identity consciousness of malachin as a national writer and revolutionary writer.In this paper,the revolutionary discourse of malachin's novel is considered,The discourse system of discourse?National discourse?Age of discourse and time discourse and enlightenment discourse.This paper is divided into three parts: introduction,text and conclusion.The introduction mainly discusses the research significance,current situation,main research content and research methods of this paper.Research significance of this article includes the theory meaning and realistic meaning,theoretical significance lies in opening up the new perspective of MaLaQinFu work study and the new world,that is,from command words or words on the subject MaLaQinFu revolutionary cultural connotation in the story,the practical significance lies in discovering MaLaQinFu novel revolutionary discourse construction,oppose ethnic separatist,promote national unity and progress,to maintain the unity of the Chinese nation.At present,there are a lot of achievements in the study of the works of malachin,but the research on the revolutionary discourse is not enough or quite lacking,which provides the important basis for this article.The main body is divided into four chapters.The first chapter studies MaLaQinFu novel class discourse building,think MaLaQinFu novel class discourse mainly includes class society along with the class antagonisms,countries,regime of different attributes,and the Mongolian is one of the big family of the Chinese nation.First,the exploiting class always imposes political,economic and ideological oppression on the exploited class,and class oppression inevitably causes class resistance.Second,the kuomintang reactionary rule lost its historical legitimacy and the communist party of China led by the communist party of China was legitimate.Again,ethnic separatist unpopular,is bound to fail,to safeguard the unity of the motherland is the Mongolian correct political choice in our country.In the second chapter,the author explores the significance of the national discourse of malachin's novels,and believes that the national discourse of the novel is mainly reflected in three aspects.The first aspect is that the Mongolian nationality is a deeply suffering people:The class oppression in history has brought great historical disaster to our country,and the twists and turns of modern history have brought new social disaster to the Mongolian people.The second aspect is that the Mongolian nationality has a unique and splendid national culture:Mongolian is a people believe in Buddhism,Mongolian unique geographical environment will inevitably made a unique culture of life,the Mongolian has a unique folk customs,the customs show infinite charm.The third aspect is the new historical opportunity and test of the Mongolian nationality under the new situation:Under the new situation,the mongolians face new historical opportunities.Under the new situation,the ecological problem is an important issue for the future development and survival of the whole nation.In the third chapter,the author discusses the production of the discourse in the era of malachin's novels,which is believed to be composed of the following contents.First,the Mongolian children started the construction era: the herdsmen built socialist pastoral areas with high morale,and the workers built socialist factories with enthusiasm.Second,the Mongolian children pursue the ideal of the new era under the background of the new era:They pursued a firm life belief in the twists and turns of history and pursued new social ideals in the era of reform and opening up.Third,children of all ethnic groups contribute to the construction of a new home:The advanced elements of the children of all ethnic groups are the first to devote their youth,talent and wisdom to the grassland revolution and construction.The contribution of the working class to the cause of socialist construction cannot be denied.The fourth chapter discusses the presentation of the enlightenment discourse of malachin's novel.It is believed that the enlightenment discourse of malachin's novel is mainly embodied in the pursuit of political rationality;Out of the cultural obscurantism,seeking the rational spirit;Get out of the ecological obscurantism and seek the scientific spirit.The conclusion summarizes the loyalty and belief of maachin to the revolution and the communist party of China,which is also the solid ideological and political foundation for the construction of the novel revolutionary discourse.
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