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Research On The Soft Power Diplomacy Of The United States Towards Southeast Asia After The Cold War

Posted on:2019-05-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330548973132Subject:Political science
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After the cold war,the theory of soft power provided a new perspective for the foreign strategy of the United States.The United States has readjusted its global strategy,and the Asia Pacific region has become the focus of the United States.In this context,the United States has actively intervened in Southeast Asia and has spared no effort to implement soft power diplomacy in Southeast Asia.From the Clinton administration to the Obama administration,the elements of soft power have gradually played an irreplaceable role in the foreign strategy of the United States government.In Southeast Asia,the United States has played the role of soft power diplomacy to the greatest extent and serves its Asia Pacific strategy.The United States launched a series of actions under this strategic background,which has a profound impact on China's Southeast Asian diplomacy.China needs to recognize risks and challenges,take effective strategies and measures to deal with it,and push forward the peace and development of China's peripheral diplomacy.From the perspective of soft power,this paper makes a comprehensive discussion on the soft power diplomacy carried out by the United States in Southeast Asia after the cold war.This paper discusses the content of the soft power diplomacy implemented by the United States in Southeast Asia after the cold war from two aspects on combing the United States' strategic concept of the Southeast Asia soft power diplomacy and specific measures from different period after the cold war.Then,it synthetically assesses the soft power diplomacy to Southeast Asia and deep analyzes the real motivation,achievements and limitations of the United States' soft power diplomacy to Southeast Asia,so as to explore how to promote the China to provide practical reference to Southeast Asia diplomacy.On this basis,this paper will further discuss the influence and enlightenment of the soft power diplomacy of the United States to Southeast Asia after the cold war on China's diplomatic relations with Southeast Asia countries.Specifically,it will analyze its' impact on diplomacy in Southeast Asia Chinese fromfour dimensions of security,politics,economy and culture,and then summarize the enlightenment to China's Southeast Asian diplomacy,in order to explore how to promote diplomacy with Southeast Asia and take effective response to external forces from the perspective of China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Soft power diplomacy, China's diplomacy in Southeast Asia, Community of common destiny
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