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China's Soft Power Diplomacy In Central Asia

Posted on:2019-04-01Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1316330545481596Subject:International relations
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Ever since the founding of the People's Republic of China,western countries have being constructing what they referred to as "First Island Chain" and "Second Island Chain",aiming at surrounding China by putting in place a C-shape fence from Northeast Asia,down to the East China Sea,South China Sea,and Southern Asia,to halt the peaceful rise of China.However,China is not only an Eastern Asia power,but also a major Asian country that enjoys advantages from having connection with both the sea and the land.In leveraging its amphibious strength,it is important for China to re-assess its relations with Central Asian countries.Central Asia plays a critical role in China's strategy to breakthrough Western blockade and strategic surrounding.It is also the frontline for China to further enhance stability in its Northwestern frontiers,prevent the penetration of radical ideology and activists,and a key area for its Road and Belt Initiative and the increase of its cultural soft power.Soft power diplomacy constitutes an essential part of China's integral diplomatic efforts towards Central Asia in the New Era,which is significant for China's political,economic and cultural influence in the region.In Central Asia,major powers,such as the United States,Russia,the European Union and other regional powers have their soft power initiatives as well.China is competing against these efforts.Major Chinese actions include building Confucius Institutes,promoting Chinese products,advocating tourism in China,establishing cultural representation,and advancing the translation of classic Chinese literature.Other cultural exchanges are also taking place.At the meanwhile,it is as well necessary to evaluate soft power diplomacy of China in the Central Asia under the overall framework of Big Diplomacy with Chinese characteristics.The following factors are suggested to be major dualities: power and influence,central and local government efforts,public and private activities,and domestic and foreign publicity.This paper as well recommends analysis from the perspective of interaction among main ministries in the soft power diplomacy: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,Ministry of Culture,Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee,and the Ministry of Commerce.
Keywords/Search Tags:Soft power, Central Asia diplomacy, Neighborhood diplomacy, China diplomacy
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